Ditching The Disk – The Pro’s and Con’s of Digital Only Gaming

Sean @ FG: As the percentage of digital game sales compared to boxed products grows across the board, Sean takes a look at the positives and negatives of “ditching the disk”.

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FallenAngel1984228d ago

I buy a lot of digital games, but I could never outright ignore physical games

snoopgg228d ago

Single player games i want physical copies of, multiplayer I could care less.

Tapani228d ago

Apologies for being critical, but I do not believe any "Digital vs. Physical" article is serious if they do not realize how much of the environment digital games save. The hard plastic covers and discs, paper prints, logistics and manufacturing behind it, are the worst environmentally. I do digital honestly partly because of it being environment friendly. I don't want to become of those "I don't care, as long as I get everything cheap" people, and vote with my wallet to save nature as much as I can. A good article about this would delve deeper in the business side of it as well, I think had some deeper stuff written about this a few years back, going into detail.

Omac_brother228d ago

Thanks. I'll take a look at that. And you're right,. There are environmental factors I missed entirely.

Tapani228d ago

I respect you for taking time to reply and accepting criticism. Also, you probably want to fix the grammar and writing mistakes! ;) Good luck with your future articles!

Omac_brother228d ago

Yeah, I've just done an editing pass on it. Was written on 3 hours sleep and it looked fine when I published it but this morning, in the pale light of day... Yeah. Yeesh.