Switch owners can use My Nintendo Gold Points when purchasing digital games starting today

Nintendo recently announced that it would be possible to use My Nintendo Gold Points when purchasing digital games on Switch. This is going into effect starting today.

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Testfire226d ago

Finally, I have a bunch of points that were going to start expiring this month.

Teflon02226d ago

Nice and all, but I won't really be buying eshop games when I have to pay 13% tax while PSN and steam I pay no taxes so it won't be much for me. But it's definitely great for the ppl who have a bunch of games and buy digital alot

Concertoine226d ago

Just saying, iif you live in the US and set your zip code to certain states you can exempt yourself from sales tax.

Teflon02226d ago

I live in Canada and I'm not suppose to have sales tax on digital. MS, steam and psn don't tax but Nintendo does. It's annoying. Love the dislikes though because I'm stating the unfortunate issue I got. Stopped me from getting sonic mania on switch when I realized in Canada I'm playing legit a good extra 5ish dollars over the PS4 version. I need the steam version though so I can play mods

Concertoine226d ago

I didn't disagree but there may be a work around to paying that tax if you look online. Just trying to help you out :)

Teflon02225d ago

Oh I know. I meant it as a general statement. I didn't think someone who had a understanding of the issue would dislike lol. I assume you could work around it in the US but as far as I'm aware it's just that Nintendo doesn't have things setup correct in Canada. Atleast I assume. Since it's odd

Concertoine225d ago

I see, ive heard of switch owners making 2nd accounts to buy games pn the mexican eshop to get the lowest price. I think thats a bit unethical but making another account to avoiding sales tax is understandable i m o

Have a good day!

Teflon02225d ago

I made a second for access to the jpn store. But that's it. I sadly don't like having multiple accounts and like to have everything on my main account. But yeah, for some it's definitely not a big deal so they'll do it

strayanalog226d ago

One Gold Point = one cent. And they expire in one year for physical media in North American and Australian regions, and within two years for European region.‎

Says on Nintendo's site: "If you pay $59.99 for a game on Nintendo eShop, you’ll earn 300 Gold Points. Those points can be redeemed for $3.00 toward your next eligible purchase."

Wow. Just. Wow. Nintendo, go to your room. We'll talk later about how I still buy physical media.‎

xPhearR3dx226d ago

I mean, they could offer absolutely nothing. It's not like Steam gives me cash back on my purchases, PSN does only because I have a PS credit card. Sure it pennies on a dollar, but they didn't have to offer anything.

strayanalog226d ago

And while I do agree with you, I still think that this reward system could have been handled differently without the extra initiative for digital only, or at least having points not expire, which is what hurts the most, I feel.

Concertoine226d ago

They could also offer something on par with club nintendo which was much better.

Concertoine226d ago

This. I have accumulated 216 gold points over the past year - that's $2.16.

NotoriousWhiz226d ago

Nintendo gets less of a cut from physical games. Not surprising that the rewards would be less. I think Microsoft has a similar reward system. I prefer this over the non-gaming rewards Nintendo used to have.

LIGATURE226d ago

Lmfao the points will be enuff for the tax

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