The Jubble Factor: Boob Physics and You

GameTopius: "The physics of breasts (from now on referred to as boobs because I like saying boobs more) seems to be one of the fastest growing areas (get the pun there) in video game programming. If as many people were programing proper physics into game as are working on the physics of how boobs bounce we could do away with the rag doll effect and have real life physics! We might even have the ability to walk up a set of stairs in a game by actually STEPPING on the stairs! But I digress from my original train of thought."

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shazam3752d ago

i take it the author of the article is a girl (hopefully)

M3rkMast3r3752d ago

For the person that reported this article. is not a blog.

Darkseider3752d ago

Boobs are more fun than stairs.

Heldrasil3752d ago

Boobs are fun watching go up and down the stairs....

Harry1903752d ago

was a little different from the previous ones. It was more technical and less noob friendly and there was less place for scantily clad instrument s of torture.

ReBurn3752d ago

DOA 4 moves so fast you don't really have time to see much bouncing. Except for in the victory poses I guess.

lordgodalming3752d ago

I give this article two hours before it shows up at the top of the N4G homepage. Any takers?

kingme713752d ago

Ah, there just wasn't enough bounce to the article to get that much attention ;)

lordgodalming3752d ago

Curse your clever puns and my sagging wit!

kingme713752d ago

Clever is being too generous :) In any case, bubbles for ya.

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The story is too old to be commented.