Top 5 Of The Worst Video Games Based On Movies

Let's face it when it comes to big blockbuster movies being released on video game consoles or PC do you really go out of your way to play or purchase them? Most of these licensed games turn out to be horrible because of little time the developer has to work on these games. Usually games are releasing either slightly before or after the movie release and frankly they just plain suck ass!

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Scissorman82498d ago

Oh, Jaws - a game that can literally be beaten in 15 minutes or less.

JROCKNXL497d ago

check out the speedruns on youtube lol.

Fragnum498d ago

Atari's ET has got to be in here somewhere....

JROCKNXL497d ago

its on there.... horrible :(

Fragnum497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Haha, yup :)

NovusTerminus496d ago

Jaws was fun, it could be beaten insanely fast, but I rather enjoying trying to speed run it when I was a kid.

Cy496d ago

Screw you that NES Jaws game was awesome.

Minute Man 721496d ago

Friday the 13th doesn't belong on this list and E.T. should be # 1

JROCKNXL496d ago

both games were horrible!!