Dead Space: Can it be that scary?

o paraphrase Stephen King, if you find you cannot horrify, you go for the gross-out. EA's third-person "survival horror" game Dead Space (for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3) frequently horrifies and grosses out. It's also ironically produced -- if we're to believe Wikipedia and MobyGames -- by a guy who paints "fantastic sunsets, huge redwoods, snowy mountains and colorful seascapes." Let's just say there are no sunsets, redwoods, mountains, or seascapes in Dead Space, though there are buckets of blood, mangled body parts, mangled body parts protruding from bodies in ways you've perhaps never imagined, and imaginative ways to excise said parts from the skittering, screeching, spine-tingling trunks of creatures you wouldn't want to meet in broad daylight, much less on a derelict space freighter.

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Allowen3684d ago

What really makes a game scary is the sound effects and music and unfortunetelly on all videos I have seem about this game had like no sound.

Looking just the monsters that appears it seems repetitive to the extreeme and does not look scary at all, just too dark, even more dark then The Conduit game for the Wii.

Terror movies and games dont need to be dark but they do need an awesome voice acting and great sound effects .
And again, I'm still not sure what to expect about this game Dead Space. I wanna check a playable demo before I can decide .....