God of War is currently having a preview event in France

On april 20th the upcoming game God of War will finally be released. While many are waiting for the games release, it seems that journalists in europe are already playing the game in a special preview event.

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AizenSosuke287d ago

Yes please bring the gameplay

sizeofyou286d ago

Wouldn't be 'le'.
Being a male lead?!

I know, I know. It's the masculine or feminine aspect of 'gameplay'.
Was only joking...
...ladies AND gentlemen!

_-EDMIX-_286d ago


The correction is more than welcome, I ironically speak French but don't write it.

sizeofyou286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Ironically...I do neither..! 🙃

OB1Biker286d ago

Other journalists said they played 3 hours of the game so I imagine we might see some gameplay in the previews.

286d ago
paintedgamer1984286d ago

Im so excited for this! Come on gow!

opinionated286d ago

Hopefully we get to see it and not get embargo opinions. A demo for the rest of us would be cool too.

Hardiman286d ago

So can't wait to play this and just soak in the landscape! Doing that right now with Shadow of the Colossus with mirror landscape. Sony is so great to us!!!!!

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