Fatal1ty's All Time Top Ten FPS Games for PC

Legendary gamer Fatal1ty runs through his thoughts on the best PC games of all time, and he discusses what made them great. In what follows below, PWN or DIE provides some paraphrases of what he says in the video (also included).

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i_like_ff73656d ago

no half life or half life 2???

OfficerTenpenny3655d ago

It looks like he picked them based on his competitive gaming experiences mostly.

Bnet3433655d ago

More shocking: UT 2003 .... did he not play UT 2k4???? Fail.
Even more shocking: halo made the list lol ... on pc .... lol ..... meh ... the netcode for halo pc really sucked ass

MvmntInGrn3655d ago

This is news?

News = Current stories based in fact.

Opinion = anything else.

TheIneffableBob3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

No, it is not news, but it is a story.

Bnet3433655d ago

lol MvmntInGrn got owmned damn ....

Cheeseknight283655d ago

There is a conspicuous lack of Team Fortress 2.

TheIneffableBob3655d ago

While it's my favorite FPS at the moment, TF2 doesn't really fit as well into the competitive scene as Quake or Painkiller. It certainly does have some competitive aspects, but it's more of a pub game (and there's nothing wrong with that).

Zerodin3655d ago

That list sucked.
Wolf 3D belongs at #1

LightofDarkness3655d ago

.... well that's lovely, except UT2003 doesn't have Onslaught mode, it was introduced in UT2004.

OfficerTenpenny3655d ago

in the video he said "one of the mods" for the game he enjoyed was the onslaught mode.

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