Fallout 3: Can You RUN It?

GameXtract writes "Recently Bethesda released the requirements for the PC version of Fallout 3 which is scheduled to release this October 28th. I have to admit that the requirements are pretty forgiving, and won't cost one of your limbs. Some people though are too lazy to check the requirements against their own machine or even at times they have no clue what kind of PC they own. Heck I know some people who think Hotmail, and the Internet are the same thing. One of my favorite tools to use is systemrequirmentlab's Can You RUN It? The application will ease the process of determining if your PC can run a specific game. All you got to do is select the game, and bam! It does all the work for you. Recently they have uploaded Fallout 3, and you can now see or get confirmation if you have already manually determined, to see if your computer is ready to face post apocalyptic creatures."

Full info, and link after the jump.

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MrWonderful3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

this seems very useful. but can i run it? No! i need to upgrade from my P.O.S. pc to a new one. i gues i am going to have to settle with the ps3 version for now. but i would love 2 see crysis and far cry 2 at high settings. i guess i can always sell my kidney on the black market so i can get a gaming rig :(

JsonHenry3659d ago

I will be able to run it maxed out at a native Resolution of 1680*1050.

But since I plan on playin this on my TV at 1920*1080 I **may** have to turn one or two settings down slightly. But I can run STALKER CS and Crysis Warhead maxed out so maybe I will not have to turn down anythign at all? I hope!

moses3659d ago

Do you have a 4870x2?

I have a Super Super clocked EVGA GTX 280 and I can't even run Stalker Clear Sky at maximum 1920x1200.

f7897903659d ago

Go !

Also remember that powerful computer can do other things like encoding video. A dual core helps a lot when I convert DVDs to mp4 for my psp.

fredrikpedersen3659d ago

Can't run it.. gonna buy it for PS3 anyways

Counter_ACT3659d ago

Yep. Wont be buying it though.

jpod3659d ago

I didn't run the program, but I looked up the requirements. I can run it. :D

TornRaptor3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I can't run it, not on this rig.
I want the DLC so its the 360 edition for me.

TheIneffableBob3658d ago

Both versions have the same DLC. The PS3 version is the only one without DLC.

Also, the PC version will have plenty of mods if the PC version of TES IV is any indication.

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The story is too old to be commented.