Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life For Me?

Check out why you should be excited for Sea of Thieves coming out March 20. I wasn't convinced that Sea of Thieves would live up to expectation but find out why that isn't the case now.

I didn’t think much of Sea of Thieves when it was unveiled in 2015. When I was in grade school, Rare was a great developer that created some of my most beloved gaming franchises. Those days are long gone, and Microsoft purchased the studio. Not for their development skills, but for Rare’s IPs. Let’s be honest, Rare’s output hasn’t been the greatest, and their games haven’t been stellar hits.

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PrinceVegeta253d ago

Can't argue with it being on Game Pass is very attractive and can result in a lot more people playing it.

PhantomS42252d ago

Yeah, I know I wouldn't buy this at full price based on trailers and demos shown (but it looks very much like a game that you NEED to play in order to know if it's for you or not) but for $10 it's worth a try. It's just going to be interesting to see how much Game pass affects the sales or even the retention rate of the game from people who played it on Game Pass first then bought the game after.

AizenSosuke253d ago

Depend on how the game performs.

alb1899252d ago

Looks incredible fun to play it with my kids or friends.

yankolo252d ago

It needs a history.pls rare