Are Changes to God Of War For The Better?

One can say that, after six God of War games that did the same thing over and over, this is a welcomed change, but others have their concerns if these changes are too much. Is this a change for the better? Or will these changes lead Kratos down a different path of self-destruction?

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UCForce227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

It’s up to the fans of course. But I can tell you that Cory Barlog and his team have been aware of this since the beginning. He did said that he isn’t going hold any back by showing it to the audience. Back in E3 2016, he was on stage and play the game. The response was positive. But there was concerns which I aware of. About Kratos ? The guy faces a lot of struggles including his guilt. He has lost his family before. And now, he has a son and he won’t repeat the same mistakes again.

hulk_bash1987225d ago

As a long time fan of the series, all I've seen are positive changes. I cant wait for it to come out, its a day one for me.

DarXyde225d ago

Agreed. After God of War III, I can honestly say that I got burned out of the combat mechanics. They worked well, but I just didn't care about it anymore. In fact, I skipped Ascension until it was on PlayStation Plus. I just couldn't do it.

The fact that Barlog is back and offering a new vision makes me very excited to get behind God of War. God of War II is by far my favorite and my expectations are pretty high, but I know Barlog won't disappoint me.

Eonjay225d ago

Different game. It should change. For those not aware, there were subtle changes from inception to Ascension. I welcome the changes. Kratos is metal as hell. No matter what they change, those changes will only serve to make him more metal. Embrace it.

Ceaser9857361225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

I have a gut feeling GOW Norse gonna do very very well.. I wont be surprised if it get close to Uncharted 4 or beat it .. I am happy with the Team in what they accomplished.. I am a norse fan for a long time therefore cant wait to get my hands on it.. Have asked my wife to go and visit her parents on 19th April and spend few days there :P

UCForce227d ago

Another thing, this game have developed for 5 years. So this isn’t The Last of Us rip off.

DialgaMarine225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

People are only calling it that because apparantly TLoU invented great story telling and third person gameplay, and having a great story has become a negative for some reason. I guess every game has to be a mindless dudebro multiplayer fragfest to these people, because screw genre diversity. /s

SolidGamerX225d ago

Its only a negative to a very small jealous vocal minority on this site. Sales of great story driven third person games like Horizon: ZD have proven otherwise.

Big_Game_Hunters225d ago

I think people are referring to the walking and talking gameplay/grumpy old dude able to care about someone again cliche.

Jinger225d ago

@Big Game Hunter


TedCruzsTaint225d ago

Examples of this go far more back even, obviously. But when you said that, Alan Wake instantly came to mind.

kevnb225d ago

The presentation feels a lot like the last of us, if they were movies I would think they had the same director.

_-EDMIX-_225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

😂😂😂 exactly, they be like "oh great now another game with good narrative and great storytelling how many of those do we really need?"

What you saw from The Last of Us was extremely rare not just from Sony but from the industry in general I think some audiences are just angry because Sony has a stable of amazing games in terms of adult narratives.

Vs time to shoot a bunch of aliens mindlessly lol

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Gardenia225d ago

I don't know about that. Kratos was always a stone cold killer without any mercy, and that is why we like him. But now all of a sudden he is the nice dad. I kind of hope that kid dies so Kratos goes in full rage mode for the rest of the game

As for the gameplay, I think it could work but we'll have to see

UCForce225d ago

The kid won’t die. Sony Santa Monica confirmed it. If you watch the previous trailer, you know Kratos said the kid is more than a man. Meaning he is god just like Kratos. I’m sorry, but Kratos lost his family once and he won’t repeat the same mistakes again.

morganfell225d ago

Nope. Play Ghost of Sparta.

rainslacker225d ago

He was a father in the original game. Just his back story as a father wasn't part of what he was doing in those games. Much of his reason for doing what he did was because of what happened to his wife and child.

Vanfernal225d ago

So you obviously never played GOW3...

_-EDMIX-_225d ago

Who said he was nice? I would argue Kratos character doesn't even come off as loving to this kid and clearly he's a merciless killer if he still actually killing it all the gameplay trailers and videos 😂😂😂

So are you telling me somebody cannot be a father and a merciless killer? So you're telling me you never knew that in the first God of War Game Kratos is a father?

Lol ok bud, looks like we just found someone who hasn't actually played this series it's so easy to just let them expose themselves when they try to talk about it.

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TheGamez100227d ago

From what we've seen, its been looking great. Nice change from the old and in with the new, I mean theres been like 6 gow games with the same style of gameplay. Of course we will have to wait to play the game ourselves to come with a conclusion.

PrinceVegeta227d ago

Yes, but they changed the core o the gameplay, it looks slow and more focused on one on one encounters. GOW means fast paced over the top action and brutality. That for me is the core of the series which should be there. I'll reserve judgement until the game's release.

AspiringProGenji227d ago

It is still fast pace and the action and brutality are still there. It is just the different camera angle that changes the gameplay from a braindead hack n slah. There won’t be 1to1 encounters all the time. There will be hordes too

DialgaMarine225d ago

Have you not seen the trailers where Kratos is literally fighting a dozen enemies at a time, and juggling several with his axe swings? Haters keep claiming there hasn’t been much shown and that it looks slow, but we’ve seen plenty enough to know that it’s anything but slow.

Jinger225d ago


Are you calling the OG GoW games braindead hack n slash?

AspiringProGenji225d ago

Yes, in a good way I call it that. I meant GoW was a button masher pretty much. This one looks like it is less button mashing

NapalmSanctuary220d ago


If they wanted to move away from the brain dead aspects of the original series, they should have gone more in the direction of DMC/Ninja Gaiden. The current direction of this game is obviously more in the feelsy and cinematic direction. The gameplay does NOT look fun.

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DialgaMarine225d ago

Won’t know 100% until we have the games in our hands, but I think it’ll be neither. “ For the better” suggests the previous formula was bad, which it clearly wasn’t. I don’t think it can be for the worse because the new game looks excellent. I think both formulas are great, and I trust the studio to make an excellent game regardless.

Jinger225d ago

It won't be for the better or worse... it'll just be different, but also good in its own way.