8 Ways You're Wrong About Old Video Games Being Better

Nostalgia is a funny thing, isn’t it?

As gamers leave the innocence of youth and into the horrifying, dream-shattering period known as being an adult, we look back to simpler times and sigh, fondly reminiscing on TV shows, experiences and video games we used to love. Unbeknownst to many, "nostalgia" as a state is more a chemical reaction in your brain manufacturing old memories so they feel all nice and warm - far from the cold, harsh reality of what you went through.

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ziggurcat231d ago

nostalgia has a way of making people think something is better than it actually was. case in point: goldeneye.

Lon3wolf230d ago

Exactly, even though a lot of those were the pinnacle of gaming for their time, none have aged well, as games have become so much more refined.

InTheZoneAC230d ago

when you say none have aged well what games are you talking about?

Gaming101229d ago

There are plenty of PS1 and PS2 games that I can still go back to. Even MGS1 still holds up. The crash bandicoot games were remade and they were super difficult back then and still are, but if you're into that style of game it's well done.

Lon3wolf229d ago


Pre Playstation era.

BaekHoED229d ago

I can still play any of the SNES JRPG's, specially older Final Fantasy games. I still love Final Fantasy V job system, Final Fantasy VI plot, Final Fantasy IV characters. SMB 3 with the variety of power ups/clothes. Final Fantasy I to III on NES have really bad graphics but I can still play and enjoy the battles and dungeons.

Lon3wolf229d ago


Glad you still get value out of them, I should of made it clear that it was only my opinion after all.

Vectrexer229d ago

The term none have aged well is completely inaccurate.
Games have become more refined. This is true they look better, play better sound better but there are some old games that are still just as much fun to play.
When it's all said and done gameplay is King. It trumps everything else..
I think that's why I still enjoy Galaga so much myself personally..

EazyC229d ago

Although that is true in many ways, I am always shocked whenever I play one game: Jet Set Radio. That game is an absolute anomaly, definition of a timeless game. Visuals, music, style....there'll never be anything like it.

aarallen1229d ago

People will be saying the exact some thing about the games of today. Today's developers have a technological advantage as well as the opportunity to build off their predecessors.

MrSwankSinatra229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

You clearly are not from the 8bit or 16bit era, so you really have no say on what games from that era have aged well, because many of those games have aged well and are still played by many to this day. Nostalgia is a non factor, when you can clearly see across many social media platforms that gamers who never even lived during those times can enjoy those games, plus people actually care about those games period. We just saw how mad people got at a pc release of chrono trigger, a genre defining game I might add.

zaherdab229d ago

minesweeper is still very playable

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SR388230d ago

Goldeneye is outstanding ... SOC is crap no matter how much better you make it look lol

lptmg230d ago

the only thing better than that is Perfect Dark

360ICE229d ago

Controlling the main character in goldeneye is about as difficult as mounting a colossus, so I see why you made the comparison.

The difference being that SotC intends it to be difficult

snoopgg229d ago

Yeah right, soc was great then and even better now. Looking back golden eye was so overated.

CorndogBurglar230d ago

I don't agree at all.

First of all you can't compare games of today with games from multiple generations ago. Yes, games today are far more advanced with better graphics, gameplay innovations, framerates.....i could go on and on. You have to think about where video games were as a whole at the time these nostalgic games were released.

You mentioned Goldeneye which I find absolutely crazy. It was one of the greatest FPS games of its time. There's no denying that. Sure, if we go back and play it now its terrible, but thats because video games have come so far that its hard to imagine a game like Goldeneye being among the most advanced FPS games at any point in time.

What you are saying is like saying the original Starfox is remembered too fondly. No. It isn't. When it came out it was incredible. Now its just a bunch of untextured geometric shapes on the screen lol.

The only thing I can agree with is that nostalgia has a way of making people remember things a bit differently. Because when I think of my old classic games, like Star Wars TIE Fighter, Goldeneye, Starfox, and tons of NES games, I donxt generally remember them looking so horrible. Because at the time they didn't. So your memory isn't going to recall thinking how bad they looked because you didnxt think that at the time. All I remember is the amount of fun I had playing those games. And that to me is what really matters.

It doesn't matter how far gameplay mechanics, technology, and graphics have come, I will be hard pressed to find another game give me as much enjoyment as Star Wars TIE Fighter did.

ziggurcat230d ago

That’s all nostalgia talking... goldeneye was not a good game.

Fragnum229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

@Ziggurcat @CorndogBurglar

"That’s all nostalgia talking... goldeneye was not a good game."

I read your comments and feel you both have a point, So I went back, read some reviews and checked the score on metacritic.

It's clear that with a 96% average and overwhelmingly positive reviews, Goldeneye was a well reviewed title - a great game.

I think the issue is that you're looking at it from different angles, Corndog is comparing with games released at the time, Zigg is comparing with games released today.

ziggurcat229d ago


a great game will stand the test of time, and play great even by today's standards. I don't think goldeneye is one of those games, even with its 96 metacritic score.

NotoriousWhiz229d ago

Goldeneye just needs upgraded controls. People don't use single sticks for movement and aiming anymore. That's literally the only reason it's unplayable now.

KillBill229d ago

Point on the memory thing is that you have much more info to compare that memory to now than you did long ago. Doesn't mean your memory previously was wrong just that it was valid at that time and compared to modern games simply loses some appeal.

FinalFantasyFanatic229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Need I remind everyone how much I enjoy the secret of Mana remake warts and all despite people's dislike of it?


You know what Goldeneye has that most modern games don't? 4-player split screen. So not all modern games are better than older games. Some older games had great stories and characters and were crazy imaginative. Modern games generally less so because budgets are hitting Hollywood size now and everyone wants ridiculous sales or gass without taking any risks.

At least older games were complete at launch, which is becoming rarer these days.

aarallen1229d ago

I agree. Today's games are only refined because of the trailblazers that came before them.

yeahokwhatever229d ago

You have more fun as a child playing than you do as an adult. That's all there is to it folks. It doesn't mean you CAN'T have fun as an adult, just know that you'd be having way more fun playing whatever game you enjoy now if you were playing it as a child.

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rainslacker230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

A lot of games were good for their time, and some even hold up well by today's standards. Thing about game design is that good design doesn't really become dated. It's usually just the graphics that suffer from that. Even the original pac-man is still fun.

Nostalgia makes one remember how good a game was back in the day. It may not seem as good when that same game is judged by modern standards though. That's where nostalgia tends to fail people, because people can't disassociate the time a game was released, and the standards that they've become used to. If one can do that, and appreciate a game for what it did right, it can still be good, and if one is so inclined, they can even see how games have regressed in design principals in some areas, or how they've grown in others. Most of all though, once one doesn't judge a game by modern standards, but just tries to have fun with it, then they actually may have fun, and one can remember why they have fond memories of it in the first place.

deathtok230d ago

GoldenEye was about the experience of playing competitively with friends. You can’t retroactively take back all the fun people had playing the game.

I played the game with friends over the weekend... 3 rounds. That was enough. In the late 90s though comparatively it was fun as hell :)

CorndogBurglar229d ago

Well then you're in the minority then. Goldeneye was considered an amazing game even when it first released, before nostalgia could even be considered.

zodiac909229d ago

Gameplay > Graphics
Look at the Nintendo Switch.

yeahokwhatever229d ago

There's better graphics and gameplay elsewhere, I'm not sure what you mean.

rpvenom229d ago

I agree. I thought there was a lot of games I wanted to play again after remasters.. but I noticed every remaster I purchased, I would play for an hour or two.. then go back to current gen games. I don't mind supporting the devs so they create the next gen games but I regret my remaster purchases everytime. That is one man's opinion obviously, but again, it just doesn't feel the same as it once did. The two I purchased is Dragon's Dogma and Final Fantasy X... there was another one I bought.. I cant remember it now.. of course lol

229d ago
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lptmg230d ago

well it depends, the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 is still a bagillion times better than EA's Battlefront 2

gamejediben229d ago

Thats not saying much. Just about anything is better than EA's Battlefront II. The average anal probe is more pleasant.

Elda230d ago

Nothing wrong with going back & playing those old nostalgic games but most don't look up to par graphically & resolution wise.I like the current games the best including some remasters.

agent4532230d ago

I feel like game developers are too afraid to take risks and go for the safest route. Is rare to see a unique/innovative game both gameplay and visual wise. That's one issue and the other issue there has not been a gameplay revolution since the PS2 era.

mcstorm229d ago

Your spot on but also gamers don't look outside the big names like Gta, Cod fifa ect. We had some amazing games last gen and some that were different and under rated and did not sell well. Split/second and Blur come to mind and this is part of the issue with gaming today. Gaming has become like Samsung and apple in the phone world and people go for the hype and back to what they know instead of giving others a try.

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FinalFantasyFanatic229d ago

It's pretty amazing how they accomplished so things despite being handicapped by weak hardware or the fact tech was still maturing then. I really do feel we're living in an age where innovation will be a rarity.

Tetsujin230d ago

It's one per page. Use caution.

Cobra951229d ago

Oh, I never click on listicles. I expect them to be one item per page. I prefer to hear when they don't do the sleazy clickfests. Then I may actually take a look.

NautilusXIII230d ago

well, the games i played back then were complete at launch(not missing content).

Tru_Blu229d ago

What I was going to get at, big difference for me was getting FULL games for your money.