Why video games are safe from Donald Trump

Polygon presents an in depth opinion piece detailing why gamers should not be too concerned about the recent news regarding the US Presidents interest in meeting with senior figures from the videogame industry to discuss the impact of violent games on young people.

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hulk_bash1987225d ago

Also, after years of research there is no evidence to support their arguements against "violent videogames".

Cartman55125225d ago

There's no evidence to support most of the things he proposes/passes

Dirtnapstor224d ago

This type of debate has been going on since the mid 80's.

StormSnooper222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Yeah the rifle association has been trying to shift the blame on anything but guns for ages.

Guns don’t kill people, people do, unless they are digital guns.

Muadiib224d ago

The first amendment is only under attack from the authoritarian and Marxist left, the same are after the 2nd amendment as well I might add. Trump is the last line of defence against both, the sooner you realise that the better.

strayanalog224d ago

Years ago the Supreme Court ruled that video games are protected under the First Amendment.
I said everything I needed to say without diving into full on specifics or bringing a political agenda into it, so the sooner you stop jumping to conclusions over the simplest comment and attacking someone for no reason the better.‎

Muadiib224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

@ strayanalog, I didn't attack you mate, relax! Sorry if I came across as hostile though, constant attacks against the constitution, Trump and Brexit has me in defence mode. I'm not American btw, but I know the future of the USA as the freest nation ever is at stake and as a Brit I want to do my part in preserving her.

strayanalog224d ago

@ Muadiib

I'm relaxed!! Seriously though, it's fine. I understand where you're coming from, so no worries.‎
I would like to take a moment to apologize, as well. Both politics here and abroad have me in a similar defense. I appreciate you coming forward though. Not many would.‎

crazychris4124225d ago

Wont stop them from adding additional taxes which they are already trying to do in Rhode island.

rainslacker224d ago

Excise taxes of that nature should be challenged and ruled on by the supreme court. I'm not a fan of excise taxes of any sort, particularly for things which don't have any basis, and can be applied across multiple different things. For instance, taxes could then be levied against violent TV shows and movies, and imagine the kind of sh*tstorm that would dredge up from the media, and the general public. The fact that the media is so complicit in allowing video games being the scape goat, knowing these things can be easily transferred to them is beyond me.

TheColbertinator225d ago

Trump needs a target. Anything is fine.

Lon3wolf225d ago

Anything is fine, as long as it's not the actual problem :)

JBaby343224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

That's politics for you.

Atticus_finch225d ago

I'm glad he golfs more than he works.

OB1Biker225d ago

Of course they should be concerned. The simple fact this creep got where he is means he managed to influence a lot of people. Gaming made a lot of progress to be seen as a respectable hobby and could do without that sort of flak. It has enough problems with poor or biased journalism or some retarded views as a medium regarding violence, sex etc
People already forgot the fuss about TLOU2 or Detroit trailers?

Tito08225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

Let's be honest, even if you see him as a creep, the bigger creeps are the gaming companies & journalists, especially those at Polygon, they'll the problem with the industry, not the government. As an adult, I don't care much about gaming as I used to be since I have things that are of more priority, & I think the guy is doing a better job than past administrations, but to each their own.

LucasRuinedChildhood225d ago

Let's be honest, you're making excuses for the creep. Whether outlets like Polygon are good or bad (personally, I look upon them quite negatively) is ultimately irrelevant to the discussions that Donald Trump is having and the policies that he hopes to implement. He's clearly using one of your hobbies as a scapegoat rather than addressing gun violence in a substantive way and you're trying to brush it aside. Why? If he was an intelligent person, he would have looked at the evidence and would have never have even tried to start a national discussion about this.

Inzo225d ago

You do realise that Obama also blamed video games for violent acts during his presidency right? he even went as far as to set up a task force to investigate violence in video games.

ratedviper225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

How can you say he is doing a better job, are you blind or do you need a vision appointment. What good has he done other than screw the country and every policy he dives in leaves a pile of mess. As far as i'm concern he didn't made america great again, he screw america again should have been his catchphrase. And you think he is doing better than past administration well clearly u r high on something cause as far as i know he hasn't done crab the country. He should have never been president the guy is an ego figure and thinks he deserves a medal for everything he does.

OB1Biker225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

I'm not into politics. The man is a creep.
I also agree there a lot to find fault with in the media. Like you said though, it's only gaming thanks God and that's all I want to discuss here. So unless you want to defend Trumps views on gaming I'm not sure what your trying to say

Dirtnapstor224d ago

Exactly right Inzo.
But we can't bring that up because it doesn't fit the narrative. Just like the wall. Both Rep & Dems passed funding in the early 2000's. Every President (and a particular candidate) since has supported it. But that's on the low-down, you won't hear that either because it doesn't fit the current narrative.

Inzo224d ago

I dont know much US politics but what I do know is that Obama really screwed that country up, I also know that Trump is doing a very good job fixing Obama's mess as reflected in his approval ratings which is 5 points higher than Obama's at the same point in. Trump gave Americans tax relief, fighting illegal immigration, has ISIS on the run, has the left on run and has Dems in a panic state, these are all great achievements. Brace yourself because Trump is going to win a second term as president.

When I do watch US politics, I like to watch what is going on with the Dem party because its the best sitcom in the world. Dems are a walking contradiction and its hilarious watching their "deer caught in headlights" expression when you counter their contradictions with facts.

RCslayer224d ago

He is doing a better job alright. A better job in creating BS so your country continues to believe it. A better job at turning other countries against you're own and a better job at cutting anything that has to do with keeping the planet healthy.

Tito08222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

@LucasRuinedChilhood Lol, you have no freaking idea as to why Trump isn't willing to get rid of the 2nd amendment, people creates violence, not the guns. Btw, the people that actually wants gun control are the tyrants, the people that democrats cater to. Venezuela banned guns, & as a result, it's now under communism & getting their own people killed & suffering from hunger, the rights to bear arms was created not just for citizens to protect themselves from criminals, but also from their own government aka the tyrants. Videogames is one of my hobbies, but life isn't a videogame, to me, gaming isn't a priority in my life anymore, I rather make excuses to someone who you find a creep & who's actually doing his job than a simple lunatic journalist, gaming journalism isn't that different from the fake mainstream media, so I'd say to you, you're the one making excuses for these foolish journalists.

@Ratedviper it seems like you're just one of those that think collectively than actually seeing the big picture, maybe you should educate yourself because there are blind people that are more knowledgeable than you are.

@OB1Biker you say you're not into politics but yet calling someone in a political field a creep, maybe you should stay out of politics for a change & keep living in your videogame world. And that video you posted, he isn't directly blaming videogames, but to see if there's anything that could make someone portray a violent behavior, he also mentioned movies, your point failed.

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Atanasrikard225d ago

I don't believe Trump blamed video games. I believe he wanted to have discussions with experts in the field of video games so he could understand if there is any relevance. He probably had some shill with an agenda put that little nugget in his ear so he thought he'd better investigate. If he did, hopefully the discussions he has will educate him.

I think what us gamers should understand is that most of the folks currently in government positions don't know the first thing about video games, aside from the fact that their children play them. People just need to be educated on the subject. Most will remain ignorant because they don't care to get educated.

OB1Biker225d ago

'I don't believe Trump blamed video games.'
I don't understand. He literally blamed movies and video games. Maybe you didn't follow the news?

Atanasrikard225d ago

"If he did, hopefully the discussions he has will educate him."

I don't understand, maybe you didn't read my whole statement? I believe it was just his usual off the cuff tweet after someone told him that these things are caused by movie and video games. Now he wants to have a discussion to learn from experts.

I am willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and believe he wanted to open the discussion so he could understand the whole story. Much like how everyone wants to blame the guns for these atrocities and not the people who are using them.

OB1Biker224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Well you say you don't elieve, then in second comment you say you believe its on twitter.
So there you go

It's not the only vid either. He went on in a few other videos

Atanasrikard224d ago

Appreciate the info. I still believe his remarks were made based completely on someone else feeding him that statement. Though he said those things, he is now wanting to discuss with industry experts to educate himself on the actual possibilities. You know, now that he is president he needs to understand if there is truth behind it.

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Profchaos225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

They are international products from memory lots of Devs are actually based in Canada I know Australia has nothing at the moment but LA noire originated there.

Rockstar is a UK based company with Dev studios in America but I wouldn't say they are American

InKnight7s225d ago

Furthermore, most critical successes in game industry from Japan like FF, DQ, MH, SF, MGS, Persona, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, BM, Pac man etc. Wait a minute!! Japan doesn't suffer from violence and racisit problems although FFVII(most known and popular RPG ever) is start with terrorist group!!!

Ittoittosai225d ago

Japan has its own race problem, its just not as well known to nonjapanese.

Gh05t225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

"Japan doesn't suffer from violence and racisit [sic] problems..."

Please tell me that was a joke?

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