Is Cyberpunk 2077 Also Coming On The PS5 And Next Xbox?

GB: "We've barely had any news on CD Projekt RED's upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 ever since it was first announced years ago, but we've had a lot more of its in the last few weeks."

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stefan_771280d ago

This will release well before next gen. I can see it getting a remaster though

gameseveryday279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

I highly doubt it will get a remaster. I don't think CDPR is that kind of a studio who likes remastering. If that were the case they would have already remastered Witcher 1 and 2. (I am not talking about the Enhanced versions since that is different from remastering).

RpgSama279d ago

If the next generation will be BC by being built on the same arcthitecture then I'm pretty sure we will get a FREE patch, just like the Pro & 1X got one for 4K & HDR.

_-EDMIX-_279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Witcher 1 was re-released as an enhancement and yes, that is the same thing, don't try to argue about wording to build a narrative please. "they would have already remastered Witcher 1 and 2" They already did on PC, I own both versions.

Prior to Witcher 3, they never had a game ever sell that well in the first place, even Witcher 3 needed another publisher to help with marketing and distribution. So it has nothing to do with them not liking it, more to do with that they didn't have the funds to outsource a team to actually do that outside of PC.

With the money they have now, I'd expect Witcher 3 next gen remastered, they'd be stupid not to. So I'd expect a remaster, enhancement etc

"I am not talking about the Enhanced versions since that is different from remastering"


no buddy, they are basically the same thing. it is a re-release adding content, changing graphic settings, assets etc. Don't let the name fool you, you are still talking about the same thing. I personally have no clue why you thought that really meant something else entirely, ironically remastered means enhanced in the first place. So they can call it collection, remastered, definitive, legacy etc, its still referring to the same process of enhancing a game for re-release

Soooo have fun reading.

@RPG- I'm sure we will, doesn't mean we won't see a remaster or collection etc BC doesn't mean a publisher won't re-release a game. Many systems with BC still saw remasters, ports, remakes etc.

gamer7804279d ago

Xbox 360 version of the witcher 2 does look great in 4k with enhancements, I'd rather have that and let the studio focus on new titles

_-EDMIX-_279d ago

@gamer-but the studio still actually had to work on the game to make those enhancements actually work for the Xbox One X which simply means they just delivered an update as opposed to in putting it on a disc for a remaster or enhancement.

I don't think you fully understand that is still actually an enhancement and actually means the team is still performing lots of the same things in terms of upgrading specific assets.

Also understand that the teams that even work on enhancements are not the same members that would even be working on the full game in the first place it is something that is very specific and can literally be done by a team of five or six people.

Trust me it's not in either or.

So technically CD projekt Red has done enhancements for all three of their games while still clearly being able to work on other games....

It hasn't hindered their development before so I don't see it hindering it now.

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Lennoxb63279d ago

It'll be a cross gen game. Meaning there will probably be features that can only be utilized on next gen console.

TheCommentator279d ago

If you buy it for Xbox, it'll get better for free when the new system comes out so it won't need to be remastered.

TheCommentator279d ago

@ disagrees

Truth hurts, doesn't it? MS doesn't build generational consoles anymore.

_-EDMIX-_279d ago

What do you mean by need? Developers are not creating remasters because somebody who owns the previous version needs a better version, they're actually creating it to get an extra Revenue stream for the individuals who have never actually owned the game before

That actually means it is feasible for a publisher to remaster game even with the existence of backwards compatibility because that has happened many many many times before trust me developers are not making games for gamer necessity they're making it to make money.

It would almost be like trying to say because Square Enix release the Final Fantasy 7 on PC that they're not going to make Final Fantasy 7 in HD on PC or Final Fantasy remake on PC so you're going to have to help me understand how releasing the game once is suddenly going to make assets magically appear because that's not how any of this works.

So consider that the existence of gaming PC's did not even eliminate Bethesda from re-releasing Skyrim because it is feasible that there are people who own a gaming PC that might want to play Skyrim but not download mods but except that there is a version that already has advancements without the need to install mods.

Which actually means you're talking about a company in many companies that actually make remasters rerelease as what have you even on systems capable of backwards compatibility it is not actually about giving someone the function it is actually about selling a game again.

Consider Baldur's Gate The Witcher Doom Diablo half life in many series have had enhancements remasters what have you even with existing on an a platform that it could already be played on.

The PlayStation 3 is native backwards compatibility to PlayStation 1 and you still actually got rerelease is a PlayStation 1 games on PlayStation Network.

So I think you need to slowly understand that a company looking to rerelease a game does not give a crap that the system is backwards compatible, they actually give a crap about selling their game again to a different audience.

Which actually means it is very much feasible that you might see this game released on PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox even with having a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version regardless of the state of backwards compatibility.

It would be like trying to say Electronic Arts is never going to make Battlefield 4 for the Xbox one because the Xbox One is backwards compatible with 360 or something... Trust me they would probably make it backwards compatible on top of still selling you an Xbox One version.

Have you seriously not considered why would a publisher seriously care to give you something completely for free with nothing in return? Trust me you're going to keep seeing remasters.

TheCommentator278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Yes, JackBNimble, I'm 12 for pointing out that MS has done away with generational consoles and that it's funny that so many people are still ignorant to what MS is doing with their older games on newer HW. Why can't you be more like Edmix, who at least tried to argue a different point (albeit while ignoring my own).

Edmix, what do I mean they won't NEED to be remastered? See: Witcher 2, Fable, Crackdown, and Forza Horizon. Look Ed, you're trying to tell me why a publisher WANTS to make a remaster, not why MS doesn't NEED them. That's fine, but all that which you just typed is arguing a fact that I never contested in the first place because some games will still get remastered anyways. For the record I agree with your perspective as well beause it doesn't oppose my own.

One last thing though, Ed, the process of making a 360 game X1 enhanced has nothing to do with reprogramming, and practically costs nothing to implement it's so easy. Plus, X1 enhancement is not given away not completely for free, because the games are still sold on Xbox as BC titles which make more revenue for almost nothing, They look more appealing when they're X1 enhanced and sell better too. Do a little research next time and you could answer your own questions.

You guys NEED to learn how to read, but for some reason you WANT to be ignorant. See the difference between wants and needs now? Good...

JackBNimble278d ago

No commentator, I called you 12 for your childish " truth hurts" comment.

Expect a response from stupid comments like that.

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Count_Bakula279d ago

Yeah, next gen probably won't be released early 2019 right? Because the Polish government imposed that deadline. Could get delayed though I guess. "All of the applications mention a timeline from 01/2016 and 01/2017 till June 29, 2019. The development goals must be reached within this timeframe, implying that Cyberpunk 2077 should be released somewhere in the first half of 2019"

Xenophon_York279d ago


"Well before next gen?" Next generation isn't exactly too far out the way it is. The first Witcher hasn't even received a remaster yet.

stefan_771279d ago

Historically each Playstation generation has been a year longer than the last meaning we shouldn't expect PS5 to launch until 2021.

_-EDMIX-_279d ago

@stef-I'm not disregarding that has happened simply that you still have to understand that is not something that is written in stone.

So I would personally want PlayStation 5 to come out around 2020 or maybe 2021 but when they release it is in the air nothing in their past is going to give us any indication on what they're going to do in terms of a release because it's just not something engraved in stone in the company has never given some sort of Rock Solid timeline to such a thing.

Zeref279d ago

The answer is yes for Xbox. PS5? Not so sure.

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franwex279d ago

Well if there’s overlap, why not? It’s very common, even with 1st party sometimes. Nintendo has done this with Zelda a couple of times.

_-EDMIX-_279d ago

Probably. I'd expect them to have a PS5 and XTWO version (yes, we are calling it that now)

Kashima279d ago

In that case i will wait for PS5 ver

goatking279d ago

Probably release end of this gen and get remastered for the ps5.

_-EDMIX-_279d ago

That's exactly what I'm thinking.

Look at Grand Theft Auto V.

SickWolf278d ago

It will be released for next gen consoles but not a remaster, will wait for ps5 ver though.

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