The 10 Most Emotional Games Ever

COGconnected writes: Every week, the Press X To Podcast crew come up with a perfect list right off the top of our heads. In Episode 8, we talked about all the games that have made us feel feelings in our cold, dead hearts. At the end, we had a definitive list of the 10 most emotional games ever made.

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SolidGear3231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Life is Strange, BioShock: Infinite, Soma, The Last of Us and BioShock 2: Minerva's Den and BioShock: Burial at Sea

-Foxtrot231d ago

That last shot at Elizabeth in Buriel at Sea where you realise everything has come full's a great moment

rainslacker230d ago

I didn't think Burial at Sea was all that emotional. The lead up to the interesting conclusion was rather dull, and I couldn't really get into it as much as the actual game itself.

Yohshida231d ago

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Virginia, The Walking Dead Season 1 and Heavy Rain for me

rockwhynot231d ago

I was gunna say! Heavy Rain looked maad emotional. Gotta play that b4 I die

lptmg231d ago

Doom (2016). If murdering demons to the sound of ear-deafening death metal doesn't make you emotional, then you're as dead on the inside as the hellspawns you have to kill.

Legatus231d ago

Hahahahahaha, hell yeah man.

-Foxtrot231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Bioshock, Last of Us, Firewatch, Final Fantasy, Heavy Rain and the like have always made me feel something but I never feel anything in games like Life is Strange or Walking Dead. I personally find them overrated.

Least games like Bioshock or Last of Us for example can tell an amazing story where I'm fully in control and gives me more replay value then the same old typical point and click stuff. It's why I applaud games like Heavy Rain which at least try and evolve the same tired genre, yet some things Heavy Rain got called for in reviews they ended up praising or gliding over in something like the Walking Dead.

PygmelionHunter231d ago

MOTHER 3, Suikoden 2, Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid 3...

Off the top of my head. MOTHER 3 being the most emotional ever for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.