Call of Duty 2018 Design Director Gives Insight Into The Challenges Behind Developing Games

Treyarch are next in line to develop a Call of Duty game, which is due out later this year, and while there has been no official word on what exactly the game will be, there have been a few vague hints and reports.

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geyo280d ago

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UnholyLight280d ago

CoD series needs a major overhaul in my opinion. It's way past due. Still looks and plays like it has for the last how many years now? Even with CoD WWII it looked almost like I was playing a CoD game as I remember it back in 2007. Enough is enough!

Profchaos280d ago

I think it did get a major overhaul in WW2 I mean it is still cod there is some fundamentals that have to be there but I personally felt like it was a refreshing experience.
I've been shitting on cod for years for being more of the same but WW2 captured my interest and I actually legit enjoyed it for the first time since mw2

UnholyLight279d ago

Just couldn't get into the online it seems exactly like how Ive remembered the last 4 being and that means it's really disappointing. I thought the WWII pace would slow it down but nope. And the maps that Ive tried are all so small it's disappointing. Just no reason for me to go from Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4 to play it. I tried and tried and tried to get into it but I just couldn't

dolfa280d ago

I bet that making the same thing over and over, then trying to sell it a as a new thing can be really challenging... unless you have a very, very special kind of consumer base to sell it to. Would be nice to see analysis what kind of people buy this crap. I mean i loved CoD 4 and played the hell out of it, but comon guys, let's evolve a bit.

Whitey2k280d ago

I miss call of duty when it was 32 v 32 and now its nothing mere of 6 vs 6 bring back 64 players!!