10 Video Game Franchises That Would Make Monster Hunter World Better

Street Fighter and Horizon: Zero Dawn have laid the groundwork for cool Monster Hunter World crossovers, but what other games would lend themselves well to hunting down big time baddies?. We take a look at ten prime candidates.

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fenome227d ago

It would've been badass if they would've turned the Anjanath into a Thunderjaw for Aloy's Monster Hunter event quest.

NecrumOddBoy227d ago

Kratos's (Dual Blades)

I am personally curious to see if they add a crossover for other Capcom franchises like Onimushi and maybe an Okami outfit for your palico.

mafiahajeri227d ago

If they could have an Alien inspired map lwith both Alien and Predators to hunt, that would be epic.

Imagine hunting an Alien queen? Would pay good money for that...

Rangerman1208226d ago

Mass Effect? uhmm...yeah, no thanks. I personally prefer a Bloodborne crossover.

CrimsonWing69226d ago

This story makes no sense... is he saying he wants these games to be like Monster Hunter?