IGN: Players Wanted: Street Fighter IV

It's been a long wait. The last true sequel in the Street Fighter series was Street Fighter III over 10 years ago. Fans have played the numerous spin-off projects and pseudo sequels in the years that followed, but never has any game truly scratched that itch left by the original Street Fighter II.

Hopefully that will all change soon. Capcom has already debuted the arcade version of Street Fighter IV in Japan, and now the publisher is hard at work translating the game to home consoles.

Naturally, a huge point of contention for any fighting game is its selection of characters. One thing that is immediately obvious with SFIV is that fans of SFII will be greatly pleased, while fans of the SFIII and SF Alpha games might feel a bit left out. IGN noticed the odd SFII slant, and they are here to lend their two cents on the matter.

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And Gouken basically is what Sheng Long was supposed to be.