Crackdown hits Back-Comp alongside Xbox One X enhancements for more titles – is it worth the return?

Carlos writes: "With multiple titles releasing each week, it’s fair to say the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program has been rather quiet this week. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about though and with a handful of games also receiving new Xbox One X enhancements, there’s certainly still something worth shouting about."

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jokerisalive229d ago

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Godmars290229d ago

So the original game is coming out on BC before the 3rd installment?

kevnb229d ago

Seems like a good way to promote the new one.

Godmars290229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Just an odd thing to hear. More so in light of the way BC is handled. Also the CD3 delays.

gamer7804229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

its not a new game that was coming out, it was patched with enhancements. They are taking their time with this new game though, and I'd rather they do a good job with a longer period of development than a poor job with a shorter one.

Death229d ago


It’s almost like you don’t know what BC actually is. To act surprised that the “old” game is available before a new release is silly. “I can’t believe it took this long” is a more appropriate response.

Godmars290229d ago

An old game coming to a system mid to late in a platform's age. When BC use to mean day-one out of the box.

Now we're talking about an old title likely to come out before the newest, but only because the newest has not just been delayed but delayed a few years of its release.

It all sounds haphazard in other words.

jmetalhead77812229d ago

Sometimes people have to reach extra deep to find something to complain about. People like this must be a total joy to be around... anyway can’t wait to jump back on this. Really hoping the delay of CD3 is worth it.

KillBill229d ago

@Godmars290 - don't act like you are making any valid point. Xbox One is the only current Generation Console that has BC, so any points on the idea it doesn't work the way you want it to work is invalid. Sony had BC for PS3 with PS2 games but changed hardware that basically took that function away from any people that bought a newer PS3 system. and then they didn't offer up BC at all for PS4 gamers. So the idea that MS is actually doing BC and you don't like the way it doesn't work for every game directly out of the box.... well we just don't care.

Enjoigamin229d ago

you must be on mars...well at least xbox owners don't have to pay for it twice or buy "ps now" like I had to so i could play ni no on my pro since BC doesn't even exist and don't want to buy a ps3 again to replace my broke one......mmmm salt

NoPeace_Walker228d ago

In some cases like Shadow of for it 3 times.

Brian7655492229d ago

"An old game coming to a system mid to late in a platform's age. When BC use to mean day-one out of the box."

It's a free upgrade, why the concern?

"Now we're talking about an old title likely to come out before the newest, but only because the newest has not just been delayed but delayed a few years of its release."

It looks wonderful and the X manages to improve old titles and not charging extra either., but somehow you managed to take a positive thing and once again turn it into an issue.

"It all sounds haphazard in other words."

Only because you want to make it that way. I wonder why?

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UnHoly_One228d ago

That was an original Xbox game.

But man, it was a great game.

Enjoigamin229d ago

still waiting for NBA JAM

PrematuaProcrastin8a229d ago

WTF are these headlines about? "Is it worth the return"? If you already own cd, it's free FFS.

KwietStorm229d ago

Yes, "is it worth the return?" Not, "is it worth buying again?" What's the confusion?

Retroman229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

From my personal observation.................MS ramping up on backward compatibility games. with all this hype ms bring , im extremely sure SONY E3 2018 will be a bang for ps5 BC announcements.

ApexWolf22229d ago

So um the PS5 playing PS4 games is what your looking forward to? Otherwise why would you expect Sony to implement what they haven't cared to already...

Retroman229d ago

since SONY in the business making MONEY!!! that'll be reason to capitalize on MS avantage. if you were selling apples making millions im not eventually i would join too. trust me it "WILL" happen. sony will anounce BC this e3 for ps5.

Goldby228d ago


They would need to announce ps5 first, and with the games coming out thsi year and next, talking about a new console is probably the last thing they want to do.

After all remember that Project scorpio reveal... not the best moment in gaming

_-EDMIX-_228d ago

Because I don't really think it's that Sony doesn't care about backwards compatibility I think that it is something that is just difficult for the PlayStation 4 to do based on the PlayStation 3s specific architecture but because of the Playstation four's architecture now it is actually more likely PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible to 4 if they use similar architectures that make more sense.

So I think you need to understand that it's not happening now not because Sony doesn't care but because it is something that is very difficult to implement based on PlayStation 3 is design.

You're actually confusing the situation for something that they just chose not to do because they didn't want to which is actually not the case at all.

So I would relax on trying to make assumptions about what a company's going to do in the future based on special cases. There are a lot of things that Nintendo Sony and Microsoft did not care for previous generations or could not do previous generations that they later corrected.

Dragonscale228d ago

@gt, what advantage? Its done pretty much jack for xbone. How come the switch seems to get a free pass from the xbox fanboys when it comes to bc? Different story then isn't it. PS3 had it and it was dropped because people aren't that bothered tbh.

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Dragonscale228d ago

PS4 doesn't need it and neither will 5. If it has it great but its not essential. Would rather see them carry on focusing on new ip's than bc.

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