White Knight Chronicles - Footage from TGS (off-screen)

Footage shown at the TGS

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ThatCanadianGuy3658d ago

Words can't describe how bad i want this game :(

eric1003658d ago

mind u

still it looks unmatchable

rhood0223658d ago

Not only that, but it is from the multiplayer content. It's not the single player game portion.

ricoloco3658d ago

they should at least give us a NA release date.

Overr8ed3658d ago

looks great but the gameplay looks weird (maybe its that RPG feeling idk)

rhood0223658d ago

I believe these videos showcase the the mulitplayer element and the "WoW"-like gameplay of that mode.

The single player uses a more fluid system.

pwnsause3658d ago

this game better have voice chat.

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