With the Switch, technology has finally caught up to Nintendo

For more than a decade, Nintendo’s overall hardware strategy has been easy to understand. The company doesn’t compete on power; instead, it creates accessible and attainable consoles that are really good at playing Nintendo games but not much else. Sometimes this works out well, like when the Wii rode the motion-control craze to more than 100 million units in sales. Sometimes it doesn’t work out at all, like when its follow-up, the Wii U, became Nintendo’s worst-selling console ever.

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DialgaMarine229d ago

Caught up? No, but it is an excellent portable device, regardless.

ziggurcat229d ago

They already have a few excellent portable devices withe their DS line of handhelds. They need to put out a proper home console that can compete with the competition's power. It's not about Nintendo putting out games like Uncharted or Gears, either - their brand's aesthetic is part of what sets them apart, but what they could do with a Mario or Zelda game on something like the Pro or the X would be amazing.

Hell, they could even maintain the asymmetrical gameplay thing by having a docked/portable mode in their games, but the dock could be so much more than just a thing you put the device into in order to play the games on your TV.

DialgaMarine229d ago

I don’t think they’re going to put out a dedicated home console for a while, after the Wii U. The hybrid model is clearly working out for them, and if we’re being honest, Nintendo’s in house titles don’t really need super powerful hardware. They seem to have other visions for them.

_-EDMIX-_229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Lol no.

They don't need to put out a dedicated Home console because the market has overwhelmingly showed they're not in favor of that I'm sorry but the Wii U is a great example of a company releasing a great list of software in the market clearly not responding so I believe it's very very clear that their install base prefers portable.

Nintendo does not need to put out powerful Hardware to compete with the likes of PlayStation 4 and Xbox one because they've already tried that with previous home consoles and failed, I think it just makes more sense for them to just release a portable going forward that can connect to the TV.

I mean all you have to do is look at breath of the wild it's running on a portable so why exactly what they ever need to go back to a dedicated Home console?

To lose more money?

Even more questionable is what would they even do with the hardware in the first place? If you look at Nintendo games for the majority of them they're not demanding titles but they're also not aiming for some sort of photo realism so it's just something that's not necessary for the type of games they create.

I mean have you not realized that if they ever wanted to even do something that would require such an amount of power why on Earth would they release a portable?

So that tells me what they want clearly is aligning with what they're currently doing it would never really make sense to say Nintendo once that yet they're doing the complete opposite to achieve it.

So I would say the sales of the system breath of the wild Mario Odyssey and many more are actually proving Nintendo and its installed base do not actually want these things.

That install base very much it's okay with a portable even if it's just outputting to a television.

@Dia-absolutely agreed that model previously was just a waste of time for lots of users in Nintendo themselves I don't ever want to see that market fragmented this hybrid setup they have makes more sense for everyone involved.

Uken12228d ago

N64 was powerful and had some the best looking console games for its time. It failed.
Gamecube was much more powerful than ps2 and in many ways had better looking games than OG Xbox. (Xbox games looked great too)
Gamecube lost bigtime.
Wii has garbage graphics, worse than GC. Hugely successful. Wii sucked ass, Gamecube was awesome and 64 was legendary. I would like to see a Powerhouse Nintendo system, but that doesn't mean 3rd parties will still develop on it.

I think they are working towards a hybrid than can actually compete with home consoles. Right now we have the Switch and it's pretty dope.

_-EDMIX-_228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

@Uken-as much as the software was amazing on N64 and GameCube regarding Nintendo themselves you're still talking about devices that although powerful we're still missing the media format to properly do lots of those games.

So third parties have no interest in working on a platform like that especially if you're looking at something like Final Fantasy 7 that was going to take multiple of gigs to actually produce the way it existed in 1997.

It means that on N64 Final Fantasy 7 technically never exist the way we know it to exist.

It also means that considering the game cubes garbage media format something like Final Fantasy 10 was never going to exist the same way we know it to exist on PlayStation 2 Nintendo made a choice to use inferior formats for multiple Generations and third-party companies started to slowly move on to PlayStation and Xbox and I personally believe it actually was Microsoft entering gaming that put the final nail in Nintendo coffin regarding Home console dominance.

People need to understand that the more Generations gamers are spending enjoying games like Madden FIFA Medal of Honor Final Fantasy Metal Gear Solid Grand Theft Auto what have you on Playstation Xbox and PC that actually means the more they have an attachment not only to those games in that system but the other games that accompany them which actually means you could get something like Madden on GameCube or Wii but it doesn't mean you're going to get the Madden fan that might also like Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty. Why? Because the person that's a huge Madden fan who buys it on PC Playstation or Xbox very very very likely is not only just playing Madden and nothing else. I mean you would even have to consider that even if they did only play one game why would they choose the most inferior version? Why would they also choose a version that they're not familiar with in terms of layout of controller? Nintendo's mistakes have basically let Sony Microsoft control the entire Market in regards to Home console gaming and they were basically forced to move on to Portable Market.

The hardcore Market is just not going to have an interest in something that Nintendo is offering because they've already made their home with Playstation Xbox or PC that is Nintendo's fault they made too many mistakes.

I even predicted on this site several years ago that Nintendo possibly going portable only with an option to just out to the television like the PSP might very well happen if they continue this route and I'm not really surprised it did.

So understand that third parties were not supporting the Gamecube or N64 or the Wii for lots of the same reasons in a lot of it had to do with the hardware not just in regards to CPU or GPU but also the media format like cartridges.

If it wasn't one thing it was the other so they made their bed with those numerous mistakes.

I think Nintendo did a very very very smart thing going with a portable that has an option to play on the television.

I think what they're doing with the switch is where they need to be and I personally believe they don't ever need to make a dedicated Home console not with an install base that has no reason to ever really want such a device in the first place. ie Wii U

ziggurcat228d ago (Edited 228d ago )


They can still do a hybrid, and have it be as powerful as the Pro/X while it's in docked mode, and a reduced version of their games while in portable mode just as it is right now with the Switch. I think it was a missed opportunity on their part to not satisfy people who want a proper home console experience.


"the Wii U is a great example of a company releasing a great list of software in the market clearly not responding..."

No, the Wii U is an example of putting out a system on the verge of when their competition is putting out systems that are way more powerful, and resulting in little to no interest from 3rd party devs who don't see developing games on that system as being worth their time, energy, and money because they know people will just buy their games on the competing/more powerful systems.

"If you look at Nintendo games for the majority of them they're not demanding titles but they're also not aiming for some sort of photo realism so it's just something that's not necessary for the type of games they create."

That's not an excuse to not put out a powerful system. They could do 4K at a locked 60fps, and have improvements with the lighting, AA, etc... while maintaining the aesthetics of their brand.

Having a powerful system doesn't necessarily mean that they would have to go for photo realism at all. I have never argued that that's what Nintendo has to do in order to compete. It boggles my mind that Nintendo fans fail to see the potential a significantly more powerful system can bring to their games.

"Even more questionable is what would they even do with the hardware in the first place?"

Increase the breadth of their games (you've seen what they can do with, say, BotW on the current system, imagine it on one that's 6 times more powerful). Also, regain 3rd party support that they lost with the Wii U, and haven't really picked up with the Switch. You can't really expect a system to survive on 1st party alone. That's a large contributing factor in why the Wii U failed - I think it was also less appealing to the casual demographic as well. I don't think it had anything to do with it being a home console. The Wii was only successful because it appealed to the casual demographic. When you look at the games on that system, it's mostly shovelware. There's very little as far as *decent* 1st party games, and next to no proper 3rd party support (and the support it got was severely gimped compared to its PS3/X360 counterparts).

_-EDMIX-_228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

@Zigg- "No, the Wii U is an example of putting out a system on the verge of when their competition is putting out systems that are way more powerful"

huh? Buddy, my statement wasn't an either or, both. That played a factor into it too. That only supports my whole argument, they couldn't compete against more powerful systems. The install base just doesn't want dedicated consoles from Nintendo, if they did, Wii U would actually have sold well, clearly the install base of Nintendo fans likes portable more.

"Increase the breadth of their games (you've seen what they can do with, say, BotW on the current system, imagine it on one that's 6 times more powerful)"

Yes but at what cost? The Wii U had Breath Of The Wild too bud and that system failed. So if they can do Breath Of The Wild on a portable, move massive units, get many GOTY awards, they basically have no real logically financial reason to build a stationary home console that people are not going to buy. Its not saying they can't use the hardware or won't, simply that their install base doesn't care, they don't care ENOUGH TO NOT BUY the system for not having a top of the line GPU.

". I don't think it had anything to do with it being a home console" LOL

Ummm ok buddy.

Wii U 14 million
3DS 75 million.

But hey, I guess one being portable had NOTHING AT ALL to do with it. Switch is even getting some of the same Wii U games, sooooo I don't think its moving theses massive units because of Arms bud, its doing so likely because of the factual higher install base of Nintendo's portable fans. Nintendo never actually even had a install base of fans of home console that was really past 100 million, it was likely for generations in that 30 million ball park. Wii U exposed that they even LOST fans as it sounds like the 100 million was literally mostly of casuals.

So you can for a fact look up GBA, DS, 3DS etc and see the install base.

Wii is the odd man out, its the fluke, its the one that isn't a normal, ESTABLISHED install base. The portable market IS though for Nintendo. So I have no clue why anyone would try to pretend that they have any real base in home console, when their portables move those numbers like clockwork, not their home consoles. They don't need to waste time with home consoles any more, just keep making a portable with HDMI and they will be fine. So please, we don't need them spending all this money to make a home console no one is going to buy, split the install base, etc Focus on portable and move on. MOST Nintendo games are not using the type of power you see from PS4 and XONE to actually justify them EVER going back to home console.

They were right to exit that market.

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Jaypi03229d ago

I would've liked to see the Switch with a bit better specs to run other games a little smoother, but being able to be portable is always good regardless.

bolimekurac229d ago

the switch is doing well even though i never have seen anyone use one in new york but its already outdated.

gamer7804229d ago

an interesting title phrase, caught up with technology ? no, technology made more convenient, for sure. Take it anywhere with you or play at home on the big tv. But this isn't a new concept. the turbo express did this in a fashion, you could play the same exact games on your console as on your tv, just separate devices that had the same power.

marloc_x229d ago

..."separate devices"

different concept..😉

gamer7804228d ago

similar end game, different execution.

generic-user-name229d ago

Nintendo still hasn't caught up with technology more like, sure they get some poorer versions of 3rd party games like skyrim and doom and we are supposed to be impressed because it's portable, but where's your Gta and red dead 2? Or the glut of other 3rd party games that won't release on it? Even the burnout paradise remaster is avoiding it apparently, and that was a last gen game.

Switch is still a supplementary gaming device, as all Nintendo home consoles have been since the n64.

Critic4l_Strik3229d ago

If you buy a Nintendo system, you are buying it for the 1st party/exclusive titles. We all know that.

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