Kikizo Review LittleBigPlanet

Kikizo: "A quantum leap in concept and design, and one which falls inches - nay, millimetres - short of a perfect score. There's no better reason to own a PlayStation 3."

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chaosatom3658d ago

what i don't get is how could they score, without looking at the community levels.

There will be tons of it. Enough to boost that 9/10 to 10/10.

Harri44443658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

some reviewers are just afraid of revolution.... or geting their MS funds cut off

Overr8ed3658d ago

open zone please. If it was millmeters away from perfect, why not make it 9.9?

Harri44443658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

MS has a reputation of doing things like funding sites/organizations and cutting their funding if they help out the competition i think xbox is a great console but MS needs to be held accountable for their unfair business tactics. so you see my comment was not an act of fanboyizom.

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Isaac3658d ago

I was about to enter as an associate of a new technology, gadgets and videogames website. We were actually offered by several games and tech companies if we could achieve a hefty audience about 500 bucks a month each, some even up to 1000 bucks for bigger adds. However, one of my associates was actually offered by Microsoft 5000 bucks (five times more than the better offerers) if we gave Microsoft much better coverage of their products, i.e. no badmouthing, no critics, etcetera.

We're all busy people and we were not in need of the money, but more importantly, I am a man of ethics. I did not accept the deal, not just because I don't like (nor do I hate) Microsoft, but because I wouldn't have been able to be fair. Even if I don't like Microsoft, when I am talking seriously about videogaming and technology topics in general, I try to be fair. However, it's hard not to criticize them, and they have a reputation for a reason.

There are several websites and/or books dedicated to talking about Microsoft's business tactics, and you'd be too naive to believe they're just like any other company. I don't doubt other companies would do the same if they were in Microsoft's position, but the point is, Microsoft is in that position and they're taking too much unfair advantage from it.

Don't be naive, all companies pay for special treatment, but Microsoft pays more than most.

jay33658d ago

Oh I know there's payment involved for special treatment, however all of this "MS is paying for lower scores on PS3 games" is plain ridiculous which is what I was getting at.

People seem to think that companies will make games exclusively for either platform for absolutely free so anytime there's an exclusive thing for one console (mostly Microsoft on here) it's automatically bashed because they paid to get it. How else would they get it?

That's opening a whole new can of worms though.

My point is the Sony fanboyism on this website is insane. To the point where a 9/10 on a PS3 exclusive is considered Microsofts evil doing. I think everyone can agree that's pretty stupid.

SWORDF1SH3657d ago

if a website is funded by ms then of course they are gonna give ps3 games a lower score. also the thing about people sayin that ms pay for exclusives. when they steal them from sony then yes theyre payin for them. theres a long list. ps3 is concentratin in makin its own games made by first party and third pary developers. the only game im aware they paid for exclusivity is mgs4 which phil harrison himself said. i wasnt aware of ms fundin websites but if its true i want a list of all the sites that are so i can avoid biased news. does anybody kno if a list exsists??

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SeanScythe3658d ago

Wait the game play is an 8? How? The entire thing is game play even the create part is game play.

tocrazed4you3658d ago

is that the developer was to stupid to make any levels lol

Harri44443658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

this same web site gave COD4 a 9.0/10 the reviewers probably think that they are on a 9/9 system.

ngg123453658d ago

Only 2 games worthy of 10 imo.

Harri44443658d ago

they really need fractions in their ratings that they would have rated it a 9.5 i don't think that they follow any type of rubric ether making it entirely a matter of opinion.

jerethdagryphon3658d ago

9 had better be the lowest anyone goes this last 2 pulled down the averge by .1 :(

sephy 9 2 53658d ago

or seriously concerned about the avg dropping?

ryuzu3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Seems strange that some (not necessarily this website - just talking general here) are happy to throw high scores around to FPS's and other "hardcore" gamers games - you know the ones your grandparents or kids can't/won't play and never question the diffculty or content.

Here we have a game which can potentially give something to both the hardcore and the casual gamer to the extent they'll both love it for different reasons, and yet it gets marked down for being too complex to create levels...

Just seems strange - finally a game that might have a broad appeal (it's like Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports rolled into one, or, SingStar and MGS4 or... well xbox doesn't have anything) and yet it's getting marked down for having too much depth for some.

World's gone crazy. I think they need to go and re-review the "big games" of this gen in light of LBP and mark them all down then for not being accesible enough.

SupaPlaya3658d ago

I think a game like Little Big Planet which aims to appeal to a broader audience actually have a higher standard to meet. They have to be both "accessible" (I think what accessible means to each person is open to debate here) and offer "depth". If it is too easy, it's too kiddy. Add more tools and combination, too difficult. It is quite difficult to strike a perfect balance. The last game that came to mind is Super Mario Galaxy. It's still not perfect though, but it came close.

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