White Knight Chronicles

New Screenshots from TGS

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Breakfast3659d ago

Fable looks better then this...

Peekay3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

open world game - this is sexy.
Hahha this isnt some 15-12hr on the main story RPG like Fable 2 bro

eric1003659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

F2 looks like an updated Fable 1

These are CAM captures

HD version of WKS looks much better than Fable 1.1

lowcarb3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Well Fable2 does look a lot better and as a matter a fact so does oblivion and fallout 3 and those are 100 to 200 hour games.I thought the extra space on bluray would shine here but I'm sure it will be used for in game movies like in every exclusive PS3 title.

Edit: Fable 2 also has online coop play that can last for many many hours. I thought that the cell had the ability to somehow link up to other cells in multiplayer games, and increase the visuals more and more. I guess not though because this doesn't look to hot.

GUNS N SWORDS3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

but both take a whole different perspective on gaming.

sonarus3658d ago

Yea well WKC has better animations:p

I can't wait to play WKC i have no interest in fable 2 cus i didn't play fable 1

INehalemEXI3658d ago

Im going to play both for sure. WKC has me most excited, but Fable 2 will burst first...Star Ocean 4 looks good too.

Tarasque3658d ago

Wow, sad attempt at graphics i must say. Doesn't look anywhere on par with IU.

Utalkin2me3658d ago

Wooo weee that blu ray and cell are shining now....ROFLMAO

levy3658d ago

i thought graphics didn't make the game.... more like, story and gameplay.

mfwahwah3658d ago

I didn't know Fable 2 was in 1080p.

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Zerodin3659d ago

Too Human looks better then this!

Tidus113659d ago

Im not too much of a graphic whore when it comes to rpgs as long as the gameplay is fun

nieto23659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

well for 100 hours of gameplay, 4p co-op main story and 16p MMORPG style online play, what more do you want? Level-5 can't raise the bar for everything besides the game runs a 1080p but i don't know the FPS but i hope 60! ;-)

SupaPlaya3659d ago

I don't find any fault here with the graphics. I actually like them a lot. It's not like there's something wrong with them. It doesn't have to be "better than this game" or "best texture on the rocks" or "OMG real grainy looking sand" in order to have good graphics.

Now if this game has good game play, then it will be gold.

eric1003659d ago

WKS looks better than all x360 rpgs

Tarasque3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Eric you are some piece of work dood, seriously but the fanboy crap aside. This game doesn't look very good at all, Cam blah blah blah. A came capture doesn't wash out the detail in textures it lacks anykind of real detail at all. Sad attempt in the graphic department for sure.

If this game runs at 1080p it is in worse shape than i thought cause i have seen some real screen captures that needed AA bad over at gamersyed .

waltercross3658d ago

Stop hating, Just don't buy the
game if it does not appeal to you, simple eh?

also it was confirmed at 1080p, as for this
not being cam copy, who knows, either way
It's an RPG so I'll buy it.

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It looks AMAZING!!!!AAA RPG???Lets wait and see :D!!!!!

Raoh3659d ago

lol the hate is strong when a good looking strong ps3 game is out...

cant wait for this one...

Shaka2K63659d ago


This is one kick as RPG game.

Level 5 exclusive AAAA RPG something the xbugs have failed to get since 2005 hahahahahahahahahaha!

muddygamesite3659d ago

Beautiful looking title. I hope it has an outstanding xmas.

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