Horizon's Lead Writer Reveals Story Inspirations, Cut Questline in Oseram's Claim Territory

Horizon: Zero Dawn Lead Writer Ben McCaw revealed the story inspirations for both the base game and DLC, a cut questline that would have sent Aloy in the Oseram territory of the claim, and the core message that Guerrilla wanted to convey with the game on a personal level.

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KaiPow231d ago

Maybe we'll see more interesting tribes like the Oseram in the inevitable sequel.

Imp0ssibl3231d ago

I hope they can launch Horizon 2 in 2020

DialgaMarine231d ago

I hope they can launch Horizon 2 when it’s good and ready.

PhantomS42231d ago

It'd be a great launch title for PS5 that's for sure.

Tapani230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Horizon 2 would be a killer PS5 launch title late 2019 or early 2020. They would have 3-4 years to make it (a perfect time for a sequel with an established design and scalable graphics engine) and would most likely spike the sales in the beginning. If it is a cross-generation platform game, it would mean it will launch on three systems, PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5, which would most likely eat up resources, but is still manageable if they have enough time.

I'd rather have it only on PS5, but I suspect it will be cross-platform, and that PS5 will have PS4 backwards compatibility so that you can enjoy the entire series (probably a trilogy) on PS5. Sony most likely won't take a huge risk with the sequel, because the whole point of a sequel from a business perspective is to make a higher profit as it has a higher ROI with rather than with a new IP with a new engine, concept etc. So I'm expecting a PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 versions.

LavaLampGoo231d ago

Just got the platinum for this the other day. Gonna get the DLC soon and play through that to. Such a good game

Fiddlerblue231d ago

Nice! This was the first game I've bothered to platinum in years. That's how much I enjoyed the game personally. Great story and lore, great characters, and most importantly fun to play.

Definitely get The Frozen Wilds. It's really top-notch DLC!

ptarmigan19231d ago

First game I decided to platinum. Amazing. GOTY...

Cybermario231d ago

oh nice, really this world has a lot of lore to expand

Chris_Wray231d ago

It makes sense that the games were inspired by religious epics in reality. As he says, though not religious in nature, the game certainly has religious overtones. 2010 itself has religious overtones and the whole end of the world vibe. A sequel? Can't wait, see how they can expand on the game.

Maybe not even a direct sequel though, say a Horizon: Sunburnt Empire, set in a completely different environment, with completely different obstacles to encounter. Also a concern over finding water, and the beautiful scenery that could come with an oasis in the middle of a desert.

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The story is too old to be commented.