GamingEye reviews LBP -10/10 . "wholeheartedly, wonderful and absolutely fabulous"

The editor writes:-

"LittleBigPlanet is exactly what it wanted to be - a community for the whole family to live in, create and socialize in. The game is refined in every detail and nothing seems to have been left to chance. The world is alive and full of positivity, and you meet lots of weird and wacky friends along the way. A fantastic presentation followed by a classic British voiceover, which follows the sole first-time player through his adventures, and with it knows it is never alone. Solo is a word that does not exist, which is not heard, not seen.Media Molecule has achieved the impossible - and the game world is them forever grateful. "

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eric1003683d ago

GAMING 2.0 starts with LBP

shame on those A FEW JEALOUS american and british reviewers who gave the game <10 just because it is on a Japanese console

However the european reviewers will do the game justice

eric1003683d ago

"wholeheartedly, wonderful and absolutely fabulous"

chaosatom3683d ago

I see a deja-vu coming pretty soon.

eric1003683d ago

PS3 will murder x360 in HW sales in europe

Just wait for sales next week

Shaka2K63683d ago

LBP is the most innovative game ever made.

Both AAAA and both only on Sony PS3.

Tidus113683d ago

I hope sony markets the S*** out of this like microsoft did with halo... I can see Plush sackboys getting handed out in Mcdonalds kid meals now.....

Harri44443683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

LBP is to the ps3 as the original halo is to the xbox.

DARKTRINITYxxx3683d ago

LOL another 10/10 score. Wheres all the XFLOP trolls now ? I know where they are thier begging thier mums to buy them a PS3 LOL. Suck it up XFLOPS.