Iron Galaxy Studios Willing To Port Capcom's Monster Hunter World To Nintendo Switch

Even though Capcom said that they will not be porting Monster Hunter World to Nintendo Switch, one company is willing to handle the stress to port the game into Switch.

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wonderfulmonkeyman228d ago

That would be wonderful. I like what I've seen of it thus far.

JaguarEvolved228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

They should port kingdom come deliverance to the switch as well as assassins creed origin, lol. A lot of the switch fans would buy anything for the switch because it barely has anything to play on it. They wouldn't mind playing those games with GameCube type of graphics in 480p at 20 frames a seconds. To each his own but why would anyone want to play certain games with a massive downgrade on such a weak console and pay a lot of money for it when there are a lot better versions available for cheaper price point?

Nitrowolf2228d ago

Barely anything to play? Theres plenty lol

Neonridr228d ago

you do realize the Switch screen is 720p right?

G3ng4r228d ago

"Barely anything to play", "GameCube type of graphics", "480p at 20 frames a seconds". Don't need actual facts or even much literacy to be a tryhard pony.

TallonIV228d ago

Ugh your comment gave me a headache. Please research before you comment next time.

Prince_TFK228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

By now people like you should just stop commenting on Nintendo’s articles altogether. You bring nothing new or informative to the table except your delusional hate for Nintendo, which is kindda getting old by now.

overrated44228d ago

"Barely anything to play"? You know the Switch had one of the best first year game lineups ever for a new console, right?

Prodigy1971228d ago

The key feature is the mobile gaming aspect. Who wouldnt want to play Monster Hunter on the road?

3-4-5227d ago

Jag comments on every Nintendo post in a negative way. Has 4 posts from today and that they all say the same thing. He complains of no games, for a system I'm assuming he doesn't own.


TekoIie227d ago

50 games so far. So if I get 50 every year from now will I still have nothing to play?

TedCruzsTaint227d ago

Someone's been going hard on the insecure, butthurteraid.

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notachance228d ago

idk man, even on the base PS4 and XB1 MH can barely stay above 30fps.. unless they do a serious downgrade to the graphics I don't think it's possible to make a decent port of MH.

and this is a game that plays best on high FPS, main reason of why the 3DS version retained their old graphics is because they want to get that silky smooth gameplay on handheld... a low FPS MH is the worst treatment this series could get.

rdgneoz3228d ago

Capcom was being nice when they said it wasn't possible. You'd have to severely gimp the game to mnake it work when current consoles struggle at times for 30 fps.

The 10th Rider227d ago

I'm with you here. I think it's great that the Switch can get some ports of modern games, however there's some that would simply struggle to run. Monster Hunter World is definitely one of those games. I'm sure the game is "possible" on Switch, but the question is how much work it would be and if the end result would even be worth it.

_-EDMIX-_227d ago

@10th - exactly this is basically reality versus practicality.

wonderfulmonkeyman227d ago

I don't think it's impossible, and I don't recall them saying that.
What I believe is that if they properly optimize it, they could work some damned good magic.

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fr0sty227d ago

I'm sure there are millions of switch owners who would love to play this game. If it can be done, I say do it.

Movefasta1993228d ago

They couldn’t do doom at 720/30 . The switch spec wise is trash

marloc_x228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Panic Burton's update picked up close to 10% better frame rate.

There are some smart people with heart, getting a handle on what Switch can do..😉

Segata228d ago

Maybe not impossible. Metal Gear Solid V is on 360 and so is Rise of the Tomb Raider. Switch is more powerful than that system so ports can be done. It can be ported but the question is how much work would it entail and would it be worth it financially?

_-EDMIX-_227d ago

@seg-okay you do understand that Metal Gear Solid V was actually created for PlayStation 3 and 360 in Mind Correct?

Fox engine was actually made so that way it could scale and work on something like PlayStation 4 and Xbox one but it was clearly primarily designed to max out PlayStation 3 and 360 by no means it's something like Metal Gear Solid 5 some native PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game.

I mean don't get me wrong Metal Gear Solid 5 that year was actually my personal game of the year and one of my favorite games of all time but please that game is very much was not made to max out the PlayStation 4 it very much was created to max out PS3 and 360 especially considering it's extremely long development.

You're not really talking about the same things, something like Monster Hunter was created first and foremost to max out PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as to why you even see it struggle at Max capability on those systems.

Metal Gear Solid V on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was running absolutely buttery smooth on those systems, why? Wasn't intended to Max those systems out it was technically intended to max out the previous generation systems so when put on PlayStation 4 they have a lot of Headroom to work with to get a solid 1080p 60 frames was not something that was happening by mistake and that was not a coincidence that's a very much has to do what that it was made for the previous generation in mind.

Monster Hunter was not.

michellelynn0976227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

It runs at that now. Do you get they did the game in six months? And they improved the graphics on the newest patch.
Also, you do realize that most companies are only using 30% of the Switch's power. The games will look better over time.

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Wrex369228d ago

Yeah I'd like it if they did for sure lol

Zjet228d ago

Yes if:

1. Still offline capable
2. has proper LAN local support (not just online)


Just localize MHXX Switch??? seriously.....

CrimsonWing69228d ago

See I’d rather they localize MHXX Switch since it’s already on the freaking Switch.

DarkSolid78228d ago

Maybe not offline. I miss MHFU :( Hope Sony release another portable similar to PSP.

Zeref228d ago

Exactly, i'd rather play an actual Switch game.(One that is made for the Switch and not a terrible looking port)

BotaNicaEpica228d ago

I agree. Porting MHW will just ruin the game #IMO

Seraphim227d ago

I'm loving Worlds. 310 hours in minus maybe 20 of sitting at the PC. And if I could get XX in English language I'd import it. Shit I've been thinking about importing it anyway but probably won't. I agree, Worlds isn't enough MH for me & Id much rather see XX localized on the Switch.

To Switch only users who can afford it, owning a secondary console isn't a bad thing and while personally I think PS offers more the XB has offerings as well so pair one of those with the Switch and walla, you have not only Worlds but some to a ton of other titles to enjoy as well.

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PhantomTommy228d ago

The game is currently struggling to stay above 35fps on PS4 and Xbox One, I know the Pro and X are getting slightly better performance but still nowhere near a stable 60fps. No doubt these lads could get it running on Switch, but resolution and performance would obviously take a massive hit, to the point where it's probably not even worth it anymore.

vergilxx3228d ago

Will see , the game just released it will probably revive few patches maybe then they could port it

Scar-227d ago

Exactly but not only that but $$$$ ports are expense and World is a massive game. Putting World on Xbox, Playstation and PC is easy and cost effective. Retooling and downgrading it for the switch may not be worth it.