The original Forza Horizon looks stunning on Xbox One X at 4K

DF: "It still plays like a dream. Amazingly, this Xbox 360 title looks gorgeous even today, with resolution boosted by 9x thanks to this Xbox One X patch. Tom and Rich discuss how well the first entry in the Horizon series holds up today, and how it holds up in light of its two current-gen sequels."

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Vasto387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

The Xbox One X is the best console ever made. I can only imagine what Microsoft does for the full next gen Xbox.

Native 4K / 60 FPS for $399-$499 in 2021. That's my prediction for the next Xbox.

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Vasto386d ago (Edited 386d ago )


My problem with PS is that they do not seem to believe in multiplayer and until they do I will never buy one again. I have owned a PlayStation 4 and a Pro. Sold them both because single player only games are just not worth there prices to me anymore.

Every game Microsoft makes has a strong multiplayer so I have something to keep me playing for years until the sequel comes. Bought Halo 5 in 2015 and still play it regular in 2018 while waiting for Halo 6. Awesome single player and amazing multiplayer. I have no problem paying full price for that.

I am not going to pay $65 for something like God Of War and Zelda where its finished in a couple days then there is nothing left to do with it but take to Gamestop.

Nintendo is not even on my radar anymore. Everything they make is some colorful cartoon game featuring a character from Mario.

Wario skateboard
Mario volleyball
Yoshi Tennis


Not saying they are bad, they are just not for me. Good to see them winning again though doing there own thing.

Gaming_1st386d ago


"My problem with PS is that they do not seem to believe in multiplayer and until they do I will never buy one again."

I mean this comment holds no weight what so ever. That would be like me saying well "My problem with Xbox is they do not seem to believe in single player". It's obvious you're trying to push a agenda and get people to bite. It's one thing to have a opinion on something, its another to try to push some silly propaganda that comes with a baseless comment that is fiction and not even close to the truth.

Then you go to praise how its ok to pay 65 bucks for a game with single and multiplayer and use MS exclusives, but not any of Sonys. Then you go onto and say, it's not ok to pay 65 bucks for just single player and takes stabs at Sony and Nintendo. But not at MS.

It was obvious from the beginning what you was trying to do. It was a obvious fail on your part.

Sgt_Slaughter386d ago

And there goes your entire side of the argument/discussion. Having childish/trollish views about another major console maker/developer just makes you look silly.

The Switch will outsell the Xbox One, which is impressive since you say they're "not even on my radar anymore"

Vasto386d ago (Edited 386d ago )


Ok, what Sony 1st party exclusives games have great multiplayer?

Xbox does have singer player games. Xbox games have both single and multiplayer. Did you not see what I said about Halo 5?

Sony games only have single player.

A fail how? You don't have an argument because its true.

Vasto386d ago


Switch can sell well all day but the Xbox destroys it in games.

Destiny, The Division, PuBG, Halo, Monster Hunter World, Call Of Duty.

I can all day with this one. Switch is non factor.

OneLove386d ago

I agree on the single player part.

rainslacker386d ago


GT:Sport, TLOU:R, UC4 all have very good or great MP. They also have some solid MP on some other games, although they aren't as mainstream or popular.

To say that Sony has no MP, or doesn't support it enough is completely false, just as it is that MS has no SP games. But there is a marked difference between Sony's support of gaming as a whole, and MS mostly myopic view of how games should be.

Vasto386d ago


3 games? LOL

What up coming games do they have with mutli?

Sorry but you cant say anything about MS because their games have both.

ShottyatLaw386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

@ Vasto

That's a bit more extreme than me, but I generally am of a similar mindset. I still pick up all of those SP games on PS4, but I just hold off for a price drop. With the Q1/Q2 releases from Sony, you can usually get great deals during the holidays.

But their lack of an MP focus means I personally can't justify the PS+ sub. I wish they would embrace MP more. All of the top 3rd party MP titles do well, so the audience is there.


I can say Sony doesn't support MP enough for ME. Others are obviously of a different opinion, and others agree. Neither position is "false."

bluefox755386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Lol, the best multiplayer games available are multiplats. So Sony is covered with multiplayer. They take care of the amazing single player games with their exclusives, and 3rd party devs make the best multiplayer games. They're covered on both fronts. MS's problem is their trying to compete with 3rd party devs for multiplayer games, while ignoring single player, and failing, as indicated by the sales.

Elda386d ago

Your loss. Knowing PS4 has the better games that's why it's a fact of being the #1 leading console worldwide.Though the bottom line is..To each their own.

yellowgerbil386d ago

Exclusive Sony games with great multiplayer
Dreams is literally the best multiplayer game ever, endless stuff to do

Everybody golf
MLB show
Gt sport
Then there is the already mentioned uncharted multiplayer
And I'm sure we'll see more in the future because Sony is a company of variety

_-EDMIX-_386d ago

Oh please you're going to need to give that argument arrest Microsoft primarily focusing on games as a service to sell microtransactions does that actually mean they're the best at multiplayer I would argue some of the best multiplayer games this entire generation are still multi-platform.

Because if that was the case Halo and Gears of War would technically be out selling some of those other big multiplayer games. As of right now Horizon zero dawn has a literally out sold almost every single major Microsoft exclusive released..😂😂&# 128514;

Soooo take that into consideration.

Some of the best selling and awarded multiplayer games this generation have been Battlefield 1 Battlefield 4 Battlefront 1 Battlefront 2 OverWatch the division Ghost Recon wildlands Call of Duty World War II, the list goes on and it's very clear the majority are multi-platform games not exclusive.

Microsoft does not make better multiplayer games then the top third party, but clearly Sony is making better single player games than the top third-party when you have something like Horizon moving almost 8 million units.

So at the end of the day even if I owned and Xbox one which I don't I only gaming PC and I very much could buy Gears of War if I wanted to and it's just not a series I care about. So even if I owned an Xbox one I would still be playing Battlefield Call of Duty the division and many more over Halo and Gears of War they're just not series I care about anymore but looking at the sales that's how the majority feel anyway.

So buddy you're not just getting more multiplayer games technically speaking you're just getting less single player games because as a whole the majority support multi-platform games more in terms of the top multiplayer than they do anything Microsoft has to offer evident by their low sales.

So everybody likes Microsoft multi-player game so much that they're not buying them? That Horizon is outselling Microsoft entire lineup Over The Last 5 Years? Funny.

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IndieFolk386d ago

As long as it sounds great, I don't think they'd bring 4K/60fps. Simply because they''d rather have a 30-40 framerate with fabulous graphics than 60fps (which's unfortunate but true). If only we could get a Performance Mode in every game next generation. Well, one can dream, right? :D

AmstradAmiga386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

In terms of build quality and hardware features the XB1X is the best console on the market at present. Its certainly making it possible for developers to quickly breath new life into past gen games.

The XB1X is closer to what MS should have started out with this gen.

I'm sure many will disagree which is fine but who wasn't at least a little bit puzzled at the noisy fan, lack of 4k blueray and no support higher speed wifi (original PS4).

When my kids friends come over and we have theirs and our PS4s (4 in total) all running in the lounge the combined noise from all the fans is incredibly distracting.

zaherdab386d ago

well thas the iterative nature ... it will start at 4k 60/fps and as games get more complex it will drop to 1440p in mid gen and 1080p by the end of the generation

Gaming_1st386d ago


"The Xbox One X is the best console ever made."

That's a very bold statement. And one i have to disagree with. Now if you would have said "Xbox one x is the most powerful console ever made", i would have been like well said, yes i agree

Critic4l_Strik3386d ago

Define "best console ever made"

Dlaw76386d ago

I think he already did

Critic4l_Strik3386d ago


"The Xbox One X is the best console ever made. I can only imagine what Microsoft does for the full next gen Xbox.

Native 4K / 60 FPS for $399-$499 in 2021. That's my prediction for the next Xbox."

Where is the definition of best console ever made there?

Kribwalker386d ago

Played FH last night and what MS has got this emulator to do with no coding changes to the Game excites me for what MS are gonna do with their next console. They have said everything will be forward and backward compatible now, so the next consoles they release will only improve on these impressive results. Just crazy

NiteX386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Yeah makes it even more of a shame MS doesn't give a fuck about games. So in the end it's the best console ever made with the most wasted potential for a console ever.

DialgaMarine386d ago

A console is only as good as its game, and how well said games utilize the hardware. Just some food for thought.

littletad386d ago

That's kinda cutting it, as I have more fond memories with the ps2 and playing ridiculous Japanese games that I never knew existed. Like Shinobi or Fatal Frame. That being said, xbox one x is definitely my favorite console to own right now. It feels good knowing that my collection of 360 games are being transferred over to the x and beyond. About 80 percent of my titles are backward compatible and I think the majority of them will be by the end of the consoles lifecycle. And as long as microsoft remains committed to this feature, I know my xbox one titles will get the same treatment, and that makes my purchase for their next console a no brainer.

bu3ouf91386d ago

First party is the biggest weapon to buy an console, resolution is not matter ( Nintendo Switch ) has lower res but Selling too fast even faster than Xbox, I could make high ended PC and download every xbox exclusive through Microsoft Store.

cyber_daemonx386d ago

The most powerful doesn't equate to best. That is determined by its library which is mediocre on scorpio.

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gamer7804386d ago

It does look amazing, you'd never know it wasn't a racing game that was just released.

corroios386d ago

In what console do you play and TV. Because if you got the X and see this... sorry, but this is old still runs at 30 frames and its miles behind what we see in the latest Forza. This game was amazing in the 360.

Dlaw76386d ago

The man didn't say it was better than anything that's out now he's simply saying that it looks so good on Da Mighty Scorpio that if you didn't know better you would think it was a game release today

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Septic386d ago

Playground games are geniuses

combatcash386d ago

I can't wait to see what they do with Fable.

Dlaw76386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

They doing a Fable game

gamer7804386d ago

hopefully its a fresh new story, but playground was expanded and also making another Forza horizon game as well.

Kakashi Hatake386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

4k is overrated, would rather have better assets. Bring on the disagrees.

OneLove386d ago

U must not have a 4k tv. The graphic difference is huge and immersive.

Enjoigamin386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Says..well just you. We have to move forward at some point...sure you said 1080p was overrated too.

Cobra951386d ago

Somewhere between HDTV and atomic-accurate resolution, overkill definitely comes in for everyone. It's a question of how good your eyes are, how big your screen is, and how close you sit to it. On a personal monitor--23-27", I think 4K is overkill. 1080p does me just fine. I would go for supersampling AA before going for a higher res than this. I just don't want to waste any resources filling 3840x2160 = 8,294,400 pixels every frame. Even a GTX 1080ti has trouble doing that 60 times per second on demanding content.

gamer7804386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

they actually increased texture filtering so the assets look almost like new textures. They did more than just increase resolution if you read the changelogs

neoandrew385d ago

Agree 4k is totally overrated, ppl with say otherwise only cuz they need an excuse for wasting money on it, hey, they bought it, they don't want to look silly now, they need reassurance.

Well it is totally worth for media, movies/series, not really games, the amount of power needed makes it so they just forced to downgrade visuals from 1080p by a lot. (im no talking some fake 4k, but real 4k)

There are no miracles, either u have the best visuals on 1080p or some nice 4k, but not the best visuals u could achieve. And is is ALWAYS image quality > pixels. Also as we can see from movies, 1080p is perfectly enough to have photorealistic visuals, pixels are not worth it and has nothing to do with immersion.

Immersion is for example ultra wide format which changes the reception of game, i know only the order 1886 and beyond two souls have ultra wide on ps4.

Resolution wont replace better image quality, imagine a game that looks like reality, like movie, in 1080p, u wouldn't complain it is 1080p right? But what u gonna do, 4k is the marketed holy grail just to sale more units, it actually takes a lot less to just bump the res to 4k or some fake 4k than make a proper superior to 4K image quality 1080p GAME using that gpu power, bu tit can be done or use it for 60 fps, either of that are better than lame 4k, thankfully more and more devs understand that, well they knew this always, but now more and more ppl knew this also and they prefer more and more not 4k but 60 fps and better IQ on 1080p.

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Redlife2g386d ago

Yes! Another old ass game with a resolution patch. Can't wait to play some new games tho...... whenever that happens

obidanshinobi386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Sea of Thieves in 2 weeks 2 days,,,,
Or Deep Rock Galactic which is out now.

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