IGN: Fable II: Talk Softly and Carry a Big Sword

Lionhead's long-awaited Fable II ships to stores next week. In celebration, IGN is giving you five days of Fable II coverage this week. Each day they will explore a different aspect of Fable II in both text and video. The first three days focus on the different aspects of combat -- strength, skill, and will -- with the final two days looking at relationships in the world of Albion and the differences between playing as good or evil.

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DevastationEve3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I now do hereby declare throughout the regions of the Earth and great spaces of the Universe that Fable 2 has thoroughly swept many wallets in its climb to the top. A must buy, if I even needed to say that.

Neoninja3656d ago

Nice speech. Made me lol nice pic with quimby to. Bubbles.