Giving up: not quite a Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice review | Full Sync

Nil loves horror, but he's not some fearless badass. He enjoys triggering that part in his brain that encourages you to say fuck that and get the hell out. Creepy, scary shit is absolutely his jam. But how would Hellblade compare to some of the other horror games he has thrown himself into?

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Hardiman228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

I suffer from psychosis as well and I understand where you are coming from! I did complete Hellblade and it will forever be with me.

No game has ever triggered deep down emotions in me like this game did. I followed the development closely and was intrigued because of the subject matter but I wasn't ready for how fully realized it would be.

Thank goodness there are meds and support for us who suffer and really enjoyed your article!

EDIT: I didn't play with the headphones though!

Darkwatchman228d ago

Playing with headphones was terrifying. I could play Resident Evil 7 at night with the lights out and headphones just fine, but being alone in the DAY TIME with hellblade would freak me out due to its sound design. Dear lord