Nintendo Celebrates the First Anniversary of the Switch

Phil from Handsome Phantom picks out his favorite Switch games on its one year anniversary and says, "It’s ridiculous to think about, but the Nintendo Switch is turning one year old this week. Can you believe it has been a whole year already?"

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Automatic79284d ago

Time for me to get a switch.

strayanalog284d ago

I truly hope you do. It was worth every penny for me. Admittedly, when it was called the NX I was skeptical, mainly because of the Wii eras, but after the announcement video and the games I've played it has been a terrific purchase since launch.

Belinker300283d ago

Happy birthday Nintendo Switch!

Mr Marvel283d ago

Favourite Switch games... that’s easy as there’s only 3 for me.

1. Zelda: Breath of the Wild
2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
3. Super Mario Odyssey

Three of the greatest games I’ve played, yet imo, the drop off after those 3 titles is staggering.
I feel like the Switch is in a bit of a drought right now. I’ll give DKC: Tropical Freeze a go, but really, if Nintendo release Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing on Switch this year then it’ll be a successful year for Nintendo in my eyes.

Prince_TFK282d ago

You should have added Splatoon 2 to your collection as well. Such an addictive game.