Final Fantasy XIII-2's Soundtrack Is Still One of the Series' Best

When we talk about the greatest soundtracks in video games, Final Fantasy is usually brought into the conversation, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 is definitely one of the best in the series.

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PhoenixUp326d ago

My favorite piece of music from FFXIII-2 is the badass chocobo theme

But that music playing during the ending creates a huge dissonance with what’s happening onscreen.

coffeemaster326d ago

Ugh, I forgot how good the music from XIII trilogy was

-Foxtrot325d ago where even close

Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy IV

Eonjay324d ago

Give it a try. Everything about 13-2 Ida amazing.

324d ago
ludicrous324d ago

Gotta say, FF13-2 ost is really up there with the best. Those solo violin during the chapter when Sarah saw noel past, walking in the empty world was just so hauntingly beautiful and sad. Well i did buy the ost collection for it.

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