Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Mafia 3 and God Eater 2 in the Humble Monthly Sale | Mr Solve My Maze

The latest Humble Monthly sale is quite possibly the best one yet! You're getting three amazing games at a really low price.

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CoolHandLuke233d ago

Great deal, just picked this up and so did a friend.

solvemymaze233d ago

You're welcome. Three awesome games this month.

Multimega233d ago

This is a shockingly good deal. Couldn't believe the value this month.

solvemymaze233d ago

Agreed. It's one of the best value one's they've had for quite a while, now.

SegaGamer232d ago

It's not the first time Humble Bundle have done a good deal like this, long may it continue. Humble Bundle has become the main place for me to pick up games now, the deals are incredible.

TheShreddertron233d ago

It's worth it alone for the Mafia 3 soundtrack. Get this picked up now!

solvemymaze233d ago

The soundtrack on it is surprisingly good. God Eater 2 is also fantastic, and it doesn't get the praise it deserves.

GamingPeasant233d ago

I agree. God Eater 2 is so good that I don't mind having a duplicate key for it!!

solvemymaze233d ago

@GamingPeasant, you can gift your unused keys to your mates :)

TheShreddertron232d ago

Yes it is. I remember when it was first released, the collectors edition had the soundtrack on Vinyl and you could also get an LP player. It's a pretty cool variatiaion.

SegaGamer232d ago

@GamingPeasant, sell the key on Ebay if it's a duplicate, you can get a decent amount for it.

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solvemymaze232d ago

The LP player was a bonkers collectors edition gift. Much better than a steel book!

ChampMaster233d ago

Thanks for this. Already have Deus Ex, but thankfully you can share it with friends :)

solvemymaze232d ago

Yeah it's a handy little feature being able to do that.

DesolateOne232d ago

Snapped this one up. totally worth the price imo

solvemymaze232d ago

Agreed. I wonder if they'll continue to add in three big games each month going forward.

DesolateOne232d ago

It would be great if they did. Even if the added in two of them at the start. I like that by supporting them, it's helping out charity.

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