IGN Presents the History of Mortal Kombat

Deep inside every adolescent boy lurks a savage, untamed beast. On the outside he might do his homework, watch after his baby brother after school, and take clarinet lessons, but deep down, he wants blood. Sure, he might not really want act out any gruesome acts of violence, but on some level, he knows it would be wicked cool.

Mortal Kombat held a mirror up to the dark side of youth, and forced America to confront itself. It was as popular as it was controversial, and it changed the face of gaming over night, ushering in video gaming's exploitation era. But what might be most exceptional is the way that it has managed to outlive the fleeting trends it helped to spawn and stayed on top more than fifteen years. Mortal Kombat has left behind it a mighty legacy, and it isn't finished yet.

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BIoodmask3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

was and still is one of my favorite fighting game franchises. The first one is still a classic. But parts 2 and 3 will always be the best in my opinion.

Overall the series never made a good transition to 3D. The downfall began with part 4 when Midway started rendering things in polygons on the Zeus arcade board. The nice thing about part 4 was that the fighting engine was still in tact though. All the air juggles and tactics still worked.

After part 4 the whole fighting system was revamped and focused less on air juggles and arial combat. And the "Style" system was implemented. The series has never been the same after part 4 IMO and I haven't enjoyed the newer titles nearly as much.

I was hoping that Midway would bring the franchise back to its roots for the newest installment. I feel a bit let down. Hopefully there is a 'true' Mortal Kombat sequel still in the works. I would take MK 2 or 3 over MK vs DC any day. A lot of diehard MK fans will most likely tell you the same.

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