Far Cry 5 Hands-on Impressions - PlayStation Universe

From PlayStation Universe: "A great addition to the Far Cry franchise. Far Cry 5 sees you take on a cult led by a psychotic family that has over taken an entire county."

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D3TH_D33LR325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Seeing a lot of good impressions with this game. Looks like the new “far cry” gameplay additions is the no hand holding for finding objectives, information and continuing the story. It sounds stupid immersive with how you have to talk to people and enter locations to seek out bits of information for your next goal. Makes me wonder how many ways this game can be completed. Everything else looks similar but very well done. Very interested in how the game turns out.

Palitera325d ago

I seriously doubt there won't be an arrow pointing directly to your objective. Far Cry is a shooter, an action game, they wouldn't ever risk demanding player intelligence in such a big title.

Count_Bakula325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Not to mention, within days of PC release I'm sure a modder will add minimap, quest stuff for people who want that.

D3TH_D33LR324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Maybe there’s an easy mode. And why would I factor in mods? I’m talking about the game as is. I don’t care if people would rather make the game easier for themselves.

325d ago
DivineAssault 324d ago

I wouldnt count this game out.. FarCry is a great series an though i dont care for what ubisoft has become, i can respect good work