Why the DSi Makes Me Want to Punch Nintendo

Kombo writes: "So last week Nintendo announced the DSi. Please forgive me if that's all the enthusiasm I can muster for this surely revolutionary handheld gaming device, but when I look at the DSi all I can do is yawn. I was hoping for something from Nintendo that would restore my faith in them as a company who cares about hardcore gamers, instead what I got was yet another toy that was made with preteen girls in mind. Thanks, Nintendo, I can't wait to fire up the next Nintendogs and take pictures of all my super-hunky crushes."

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gamer10003656d ago

i guess i will be getting this next year and the psp-3000 as well

TheDeadMetalhead3656d ago

There's enough hardcore games for me on the DS.

The problem is that the DSi innovates so little, yet still forces you to make a meager upgrade. It's not a new system, it's just an upgrade. And unlike the DS Lite, you don't get a choice here. Either upgrade or fall behind.

THAT'S why I don't like the DSi.