10 Things You Should Know About 'Dead Space'

Videogame companies save up their best games for the months of October and November to capitalize on the holiday shopping season.

In an attempt to beat the pack, Electronic Arts "Dead Space" is the first out the gate. It's also the first title out of the "new" EA. The company is attempting to reinvent its reputation with edgy new intellectual property. It looks like "Dead Space" will kick things off right...

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Max Power3659d ago

refreshing to read an article that isn't published by a sole video game website heavy with bias. While this isn't very informative for us gamers but it is nice to see how it was explained for parents that wouldn't think twice about this game.

wiggles3659d ago

How did this get into N4G? yeah it's nice to see a non-biased article but this doesn't give anything useful.