Buying Final Fantasy XV PC On Disc Won't Save You From a 150GB Download

We knew about the total size, but now we know how much we're be required to download

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PhoenixUp234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

God damn. What’ll be the size of this Royal Edition on consoles

UKRsoldja234d ago

Probably less with compression. Maybe half?

Lon3wolf234d ago

It has been a long time since the physical PC release contained anything more than an exe that connects to a digital download.

lptmg234d ago

guys, ever heard of compression? hot damn

Razzer234d ago

“Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition’s retail release appears to contain only one DVD-ROM disc”

Why even bother?

Asuka234d ago

They did say from the get go that the game was gonna support 8k on PC... I would imagine they would have included appropriate textures to match that resolution... Tbh idk anyone who even has an optical drive for their PC anymore... I feel old...

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