Missing in Action: Xbox One X Enhanced Patches We’re Still Waiting On

No doubt the Xbox One X has seen its fair share of titles optimised for the console, from Forza Motorspot 7 to Assassin's Creed Origins to recent titles like Monster Hunter World. Call it a case of being a victim of your own success but the often stunning results mean that we want to see more Xbox One X patches. And soon. Even for titles that have no in-development enhancements in the works.

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slavish02300d ago

I can't believe bf1,division, siege, and warframe patches aren't out.

Eidolon2300d ago

Warframe still has no PS4 Pro patch AFAIK, why be surprised that X doesn't have it? Siege will be getting an X enhancement along with Pro.

slavish02300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I'm surprised because the game gets so much dev support. I'm not comparing consoles I'm not a fangirl. I'm just shocked with all the support this hasn't been done.

Eidolon2300d ago

Warframe has a ridiculous amount of support, and it's F2P, great devs..so yeah, it's shocking to see no enhancement.

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maybelovehate2300d ago

Doom patch would be nice since that is in my backlog

Eidolon2300d ago

I would love to see a Pro patch as well. :)

maybelovehate2300d ago

I just noticed that I bought that on Steam, but still would be nice haha. The Pro patch I really want is Bloodborne.

LgbtWarrior2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Not surprised. Xbox x Not not selling well anymore. Way Overpriced. Developers are focusing on switch and PS4. They are not going to focus their money on the console that’s not popular with patches.

whitesoxfalife762300d ago

Your comment is Soo original we shud upvote it a bunch of times ..../s

thekhurg2300d ago

Doesn't matter - it's still accurate.

Belinker3002299d ago Show
Eidolon2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Way over priced??? it's $100 over PS4 Pro and has 4GB more RAM, better CPU and 50% more GPU power and clearly shows power advantage...How is that overpriced? Because of exclusives? It beats PS4 Pro in almost every multiplatform game besides those that developers choose to GIVE the Pro the advantage(MHW I think is the only one I can think of right now). Multiplat is the majority, and it has it's few exclusives and it will get more.

PFFT2300d ago

Yep! Monster Hunter World looks WAAAY better on the Pro. I have both the Xbox One X and Pro versions and i can confirm this to be true.

thekhurg2300d ago

Still way overpriced. 30fps gaming for that much? PASS.

Wasabi2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )


"Monster Hunter World looks WAAAY better on the Pro. I have both the Xbox One X and Pro versions and i can confirm this to be true."

What You have said is subjective and not accurate.

Analysis by Digital Foundry


Enjoigamin2299d ago

@teklug like the ps3 15 fps for 600$ gtfo.....your just A TROLL butthurt by microsoft...makes you look really pathetic.....your mommy needs to spank you

rainslacker2299d ago

All those developers? Seems you aren't aware of the article's premise, or the fact that there are more games with pro enhancements than X1X enhancements, and overall, both systems are getting pretty lackluster mid-gen upgrade support, on on top of that, the power gain advantages aren't usually as apparent in those games which do have them for both systems.

Belinker3002299d ago

Monster Hunter World has better performance on Pro,there are several articles and YouTube videos (google ppl). Digital Foundry is not as credible as people think and they have retracted a few videos and articles,Redout springs to mind.thankyou

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zerocarnage2300d ago

Are you absolutely idiotic to make such a ludicrous statement. I've never heard so much utter horse crap than what has come from you.

About Xbox one isn't selling well anymore and devs are focused on the ps4 and switch, lmao.

You do know rite that Sony have there own studios for the ps4, just like Nintendo has there's and Microsoft has there's, then there's third party's where on earth can you provide such proof where it's been said that devs are doing this, there won't be none that is for sure.

You are delirious in every way..

thekhurg2300d ago

MS doesn't have any studios that produce quality games.

Enjoigamin2299d ago

thekulg....shhh just shhh your making sony look bad

Belinker3002299d ago

He won when you replied back

OTaylor2299d ago

Im curious, how do you know it is selling? January NPD is the latest report, and there is no worldwide source for sales numbers. There was only a 3% difference in sales for the Switch and Xbox One for the January NPD.

Belinker3002299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I can concurr,it is overpriced at least in Australia where it retails for $649(no games or peripheries)and PS4 Pro is $499 with 2 games.There is a lot of biased mis-information and misleading re-posts from other contributers to try and get there point across.Apparently it's unusual to play games across multiple platforms,the concensus is you choose your side.

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Adisoftcafe2300d ago

I live in Romania. We don't have Live here so we're logging to Uk. Average income is 550 euro. In the last month I've bought the X and so did 5 of my friend. And the price here is 450 euro. Stop complaining! It is a great console!