'Metal Gear Solid': How Kojima Made The Third Game In A Series Feel Like The First

1998 was undoubtedly an important year for gaming; Ocarina of Time changed the landscape for 3D action-adventure titles, Pokémon Red and Blue took the West by storm, and Metal Gear Solid forever influenced the future of video games as a storytelling medium.

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PhoenixUp230d ago

Seems like a similar situation like where the likes of Street Fighter II, Grand Theft Auto III, Super Mario Bros, Soul Calibur, Secret of Mana, Fallout 3, Tales of Symphonia, Persona 3, Earthbound, Dynasty Warriors 2, Mario Tennis 64, & Red Dead Redemption where the sequel was treated as the original game to many people.

InKnight7s229d ago

You can add FFIV, FFVI and FFVII, they treated as first as well.

EazyC229d ago

Well that 's... confusing!

roadkillers229d ago

I thought Soul Calibur and Mario Tennis 64 were the first.. wow, thanks for the insightful comment.

In this day of internet, i suppose it is impossible not to know what the first game was. Did you know Conkers Bad Fur Day was not Conkers first game? He had a kid friendly outting on the Gameboy..

Avengerz43229d ago

Amazing game, deserves a true remake like SoC just got. I loved twin snakes too it's my PSN account name after all but I mean a true remake. Remember how good the return to Shadow Moses looked in that part in MGS4??? Imagine the full game, the Mantis fight, the Raven fight, and the Wolf sniper dual..... Amazing game

stefan_771229d ago

The first two need remakes more

Avengerz43229d ago

Right!? MGS2 solid snake is the only one in the main series I haven't beat. I think it would be cool to do a remake of both together and sell them together.

clouds5229d ago

I wouldn't say no to a proper remake. But what I'd really like is a new MGS game with interesting characters a good story and compelling gameplay. You know something they pour their heart and soul in, not a quick cash grab like MGS: Survive... Something with substance.
But when I look at the state Konami is in, that's probably impossible...

Kavorklestein229d ago

More like the first two games in the Metal Gear series weren't all that memorable. So the BEST one in the series at that point is bound to naturally stand out by default.

CorndogBurglar228d ago

Not memorable?

They are classics.

Kavorklestein227d ago

Sorry, let me clarify a bit more.
Nobody I ever met talked about the first two metal gear games.
But everybody loved and talked about or knew about metal gear solid.
I always felt that was the beginning of the Series' renown and And when it became a "classic" in my eyes.

TacticProductionz229d ago

If MGS1 gets a full remake like SoC I would just quit life.

EazyC229d ago

Imagine if they did the whole 1-3 as a remake, but as one game?

TacticProductionz229d ago

I'm afraid I'll just die of excitement and not get to play them so one at a time haha

DeadSilence229d ago

1998, amazing games and world cup, looks like it was yesterday 😶

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