Sea of Thieves Gets New Trailer Focusing on Character and Ship Customization

A new trailer of Sea of Thieves from Rare showcases the level of customization you can aim for in the game, including clothes and the looks of your ship.

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Tedakin233d ago

Spinal from KI ship decor.

233d ago
mark_parch233d ago

really looking forward to sea of thieves and enjoyed my time with the alpha and beta sessions but the random character generator is garbage imo. there has to be filters for age/gender/body type/skin colour at least so I don't have to spend hours waiting for my character to appear. even better would be the option to just create your own character but I think it's to late for that unfortunately

Septic233d ago

It's actually crazy they didn't use the Kinect Sports facial capture feature for this

maybelovehate233d ago

Yeah, it did seem so perfect. Although nobody has a Kinect anymore.

Daz233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

I wouldn't say its garbage aleast you get to select different characters.
But yes it could be improved like you said.
Well it might take 2 mins to find the right one never know.

mark_parch233d ago

but how do you know it's the right one, there might be a better one on the next spin of the carousel

3-4-5233d ago

Better than fortnite which forces you to be a character you don't want to be.

Slurms233d ago

It is a bit rubbish, but it would be awesome if they used it to implement Fable-like visual development of the characters. Getting fat from over-eating, scarred from shark bites, older, tanned, all that jazz. Mystical items that can heal and rejuvenate you.

Those kind of features would be worth losing sliders for, but I don't think SoT does anything like that :(

_LarZen_233d ago

More like the lack for it.

Razzer233d ago

They talk about having to spend a couple of hours adjusting sliders to customize characters in it is a bad thing? That level of customization is optional typically, but it is still an option. If they didn't want to put the effort into that system then fine, but let's not act like the lack of options is an improvement.

Septic233d ago

***They talk about having to spend a couple of hours adjusting sliders to customize characters in it is a bad thing?***

I actually agree with them, particularly the bit where you spend ages doing one part of the face etc and then scrap it in the end anyway. That's what happens with me; i spend ages on it, dont really achieve what I set out to in my head and end up just using a randomly generated one (if the game allows it).

***but let's not act like the lack of options is an improvement.***

I can see why others may not like it. It is restrictive but I get what they are going for here. Still surprised they didnt use Kinect modelling feature considering they designed that, esp since they keep talking about making the character your own.

mark_parch233d ago

both of you have valid points which is why the character creation should be a mix of both or have the option for both. all I know is as it is I really don't like it

Cy233d ago

Don't like that carousel thing at all. I *want* the sliders. I want to be able to customize exactly how my character looks instead of trying to find the right randomly generated or pre-made thing that probably won't even come close to what I want. And they don't even let you pick a freaking gender first? Terrible.

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