The Problem With PlayStation Plus (and Games With Gold)

PlayStation Plus subscribers get Ratchet & Clank and Bloodborne for free this month, but is it really a cause for celebration?

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Neonridr233d ago

unfortunately, if you give away smaller, less known games, people cry foul and say they want AAA games on PS+. If they give away AAA games, then people complain that most people have probably played them. It's a hard line to toe..

maybe Sony should aim for one AAA title and one indie title and package them in. Try to cover both sides of the fence.

joab777233d ago

The problem is us. The problem is how whiny and entitled we are. No matter what Sony does we are pissed. Not everyone has played these games and for those who haven't, BB is one of the best this gen. For those who have, it's a great game to replay.

The only recourse would be a possible point system in which if you already own the game you get a 5% discount on a new game possibly. I dunno. I'm fine with it.

Prubar233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

I second this. Games have never been cheaper and yet you get a bunch of crying #%?!. These are the same kind people who sue for not getting a job right out of university. And it’s not just PS fans. These people reside in all corners of gaming.

PoSTedUP233d ago

exactly. the only problem is the one the hardcore gamer makes up in their mind bc they aren selfish and entitled. these games usually arent for the hardcore gamer all of the time. they are to garner more interest in said game from gamers that probably havent tried them yet.

Brian7655492233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Is it really entitlement to have to pay a subscription fee in order to utilize part of the game you bought, the online component? If everything was black and white gamers like me would have a greater respect. Hidden fees in the form of lootcrates, microtransactions and multiplayer fees is cowardly. If they need to charge $80 for a game that costs 100 million plus to create then charge $80. If servers costs money to run then have a monthly fee for that particular game.

Don't sit there and charge $60 for GT Sport, then charge Plus fees, then 3 or 4 years later shut down the servers. Is that entitlement to question this? Is it entitelment to question why they use older titles or small indie games as bait to get Plus memberships when in reality it's all about removing options like multiplayer being included?

MrBeatdown233d ago


"If servers costs money to run then have a monthly fee for that particular game."

That sounds so much better than $5 a month with all multiplayer and games included.

rainslacker232d ago

When it comes to the hardcore, chances are we will have already played the bigger games, because that's what we do.

But when you look at it in the bigger picture, something like bloodborne sold around 3 million I assume....Can't look it up now. Let's say ps+subs are around half of ps4 install base so that's about 37 million. That means that no more than around 8% of ps+ owners have played it. That means that 92% of the people are getting a big game they haven't played before.

It's about numbers, and in cases like these, providing for as Many people as possible.

Belinker300231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

@ Prubar. Games have never been cheaper??maybe bcoz due to the introduction of loot boxes,dlc and microtransactions to the industry to make up the surplus.How old are you? I remember when games were way cheaper and I'm sure Switch owners would disagree with your bs

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Eidolon233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

I like how he said Outlast was the best game ever given away for PS Plus XD. I do love PS+ as a game launch platform, Rocket League being one of my favorites. I own all these games, have plated R&C and 3 trophies missing for the BB plat. Own M#9 but haven't gotten around to playing it. It's great that they have a something to please multiple crowds.
I think the people that shout GREAT MONTH as he says, a lot are people rooting for PS+ over Games with Gold as a competition, not necessarily that they have no played any of those games. This is probably the worst month for me as I own/played the crap out of the 2 major ones, and own the others, this has never actually happened.

vugenanib232d ago

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yomfweeee227d ago

I've always thought they should use a selection system. They did it like one time, but it didn't become a thing. Offer like 2 different "AAA" titles and you can pick one and only one. Offer 2 midrange type games and you can pick 1. Offer 2 cheapo games and you can pick 1.

Something like that.

Neonridr227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

remember when they had a voting system in place for a few months? It was always for an indie game, but it was a great idea..

yomfweeee227d ago

Oh ya that's what I was thinking, it was an invidual choice but everyone voted.

FallenAngel1984233d ago

“As brilliant as both of those games are, however, there's one problem: most gamers really interested in playing them will already own them.”

That’s bound to happen, but not every gamer buys every game. There’s not a single game on either platform that has sold to over 50% of the install base, so each game has a chance to achieve a new audience it otherwise wouldn’t have.

When a $60 subscription cost can get you more than $1000 in value, can you really complain if there’s an overlap from time to time?

What I’ll complain about is that from March 2019 forward PS+’s IGC will only offer 2 games a month rather than the 6 games its always had since its inception.

OB1Biker233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

How do you know in a year s time PS+ will only offer 2 games? Thats a lot of water to flow under the bridge.
There's going to be plenty of psvr games then too.
Also next gen will be getting closer and therefore even more games.

Chexs1990233d ago

Sony sent out mails about it a couple days ago bruv.
Now, I don't really mind it per se, but if they just shut down half of the ps plus offers every month, I hope to God that they will re-adjust the subscription plan.
Otherwise it they just raised the price a couple of months ago for less content

FallenAngel1984233d ago

Because it was made in the announcement.

“Sony also confirmed to Polygon that the PS Plus lineup after February 2019 will only consist of two PS4 titles, meaning that rather than filling the gaps left by the PS3 and PS Vita games, Sony will be whittling down the amount of free games offered to players down to two.”

There’s no reason for them to diminish to two games, especially when PS4 will be 5 years old by that time. PS3 got IGC with 6 games a month when it was only 4 years old.

OB1Biker233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Well that's Polygon regarding ps4 games. I don't take what they say for granted but again that's regarding PS4 games while I was mentioning psvr and later ps5
Besides its often been mentioned, even this months, that ps4 gets two games while in reality its more than two.
Good for gamers to push for more though.

FallenAngel1984233d ago

PSVR games are PS4 games. Even if PS5 gets integrated that still means there will be a period of time where there will be only two games on IGC offer instead of the standard 6

PS4 got more than 2 games per month in the past because of Cross-Buy. That advantage will unfortunately disappear come March 2019

BrianOBlivion233d ago

"an overlap from time to time"

It's been nearly a year (maybe more) since the last time PS+ delivered a game that I was both interested in and didn't already have.
For me, PS+ only becomes worthwhile at the point when the cumulative discounts on purchases surpass the annual subscription price.

rainslacker232d ago

If you buy enough digital, it doesn't usually take long for those ps+ discounts to pay for the service itself. Surely with all the good games released on igc, there are at least a couple that are worth playing

BrianOBlivion232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

There are tons of worthwhile game on the IGC list, but I almost always already have them.
That's ok though, the discounts definitely make the subscription worthwhile. I saved a couple of hundred dollars during the 4 week long end of 2017 holiday sale alone.

2cents233d ago

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Elda233d ago

No problem with PS+ this month.

raWfodog233d ago

As there are many gamers that have already enjoyed these titles, there are still a lot more gamers who have not. There are a lot of people who may not have been interested in buying a particular game but its no surprise that a lot of those same people would give the game a try if it was free with their current PS+ subscription, myself included. I actually had Ratchet and Clank on my Amazon wishlist for the longest but didn't buy it yet cause I already have a huge backlog of games. Now, with this offering, I can cross it off my wishlist and add it to my library for future play. Keep the good selections going Sony.

rainslacker232d ago

I think there are more people who are interested in a game that never get around to it, over the number of people who have a significant number of the games offered in these services. Considering the sales of a lot of these games, most don't even breach the 10% mark of subscribers on ps+, much less the entire install base itself.

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