The first male/female nude mod for Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been released

DSOGaming writes: "What's really cool with this mod is that all the girls/women are dressed up. In other words, and contrary to other mods, it does not immediately remove the cloths from the NPCs. Instead, players will have to undress the girls/women themselves while playing the game in order to get them naked. To put it simply, this is actually a SFW nude mod."

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TheEnigma313282d ago

This is pathetic. Get a GF for god's sake.

ONESHOTV2282d ago

lol, pathetic person, you are what happens when you have a wife or a girlfriend but you still enjoy porn what do you say about that another thing I dought you have either

Lamboomington282d ago

Let's just be honest for a moment, that is probably not the case for the vast majority of people who will use this.

TheEnigma313282d ago

When you have to resort to video game nudity, it's pathetic.

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Hungryalpaca282d ago

What does nude characters, including males, have to do with a gf? If you take off/loot, someone’s clothes, which you can, why wouldn’t they be naked? They didn’t wear underwear much in the middle ages.

TheEnigma313282d ago

Because modders go out of their way to do it. I don't mind nudity, but people getting off on it is pathetic.