4Players Review LBP - 92/100

It is creative. It looks great from. It is charming and interactive, it is sophisticated and comfortable. In short: It is a Jump'n Run simply terrific.

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Omega43657d ago

This certainly looks to be the PS3's second solid AAA game, it should have no problem reaching an average of 90-93 on metacritic

TheColbertinator3657d ago

According to Meta,it is currently a 96

Omega43657d ago

'currently' 96, MGS4 got loads of 10s even from IGN and it still averaged at 94 in the end

LBP has yet to recieve a ten from any big name sites and it only takes a couple of 9's and 9.2s to bring that average down

hotshot1273657d ago

LBP will easily pass the 93 mark. its hurt that its about to average higher then every game worth mentioning on the 360 does'nt it.

i noticed you said 93 and failed to say 94 because your little gears and halo 3 are there but don't worry. it'll take that out quickly. and besides, check metacritic...its already averaging higher then

its funny because as optimistic as you try to be about little big planet, the worst you can say is a 90. lol i can't wait till all the reviews start pouring in....i'll be looking directly at you....and AGENT

Lanoire3657d ago


AHHH THE good ol days. The good ol Squaresoft days.

It hurts to see what Square enix has become but at least we will always have this.

Omega43657d ago

"i noticed you said 93 and failed to say 94 because your little gears and halo 3 are there" lol damn didnt think anyone would notice that

Your right, MGS4 did get 8's and i find it very unlikely that LPB will get any 8's, but the fact that there is actually a noticable fault with LPB (the controls for moving through the demenstions) means that its unlikely to get as many 10's as you think it will especially considering how critical some US reviewers can be

Omega43657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

oops random comment was added

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AAA here,AAAA there,GOTY everywhere :D!!!!!!!!!

jerethdagryphon3657d ago

no skills or learn acrobatics.....

it isnt an rpg .....

vitz33657d ago

Exactly. I don't ever remember it being mentioned that it would be in it. It's like complaining that there is not Mario in a Sonic game. Absolute bullsh*t.

"But, but, but, the PStriple has NO games!..." o_0

Overr8ed3657d ago

whoa they said thaT?! what a bunch of idiots. They Fail for that Con. Decent score for a great game.

hotshot1273657d ago

yea mgs4 also recieved a few 8's which really brought it down.
don't expect that from little big planet though...

ICUP3657d ago

LBP AND MGS4 both deserve GOTY!!!!!!!!!!

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