Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy Versus XIII? What Could've Been.

Jarren: Now it’s been a while since the release of Final Fantasy XV back in 2016. Even at 2018, talk about the game hasn’t exactly died down yet. Whether it’s a new update, the PC Version, The Royal Edition, there’s a lot about Final Fantasy XV that keeps people mentioning its name. What people don’t talk about often, however, is the shadow of XV, Versus XIII, what the game was originally supposed to be.

Playing through Final Fantasy XV gave me this obsession of contemplating heavily what the game could’ve been had it headed down the direction Nomura was originally taking it before Tabata took over and changed the script.

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PhoenixUp231d ago

No point in comparing vaporware to a finished product

cleft5230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

True, I will say that nothing in FF15 compares to that original trailer they released for Versus 13. Square Enix got so afraid of the negative backlash for FF13 that they completely changed everything for FF15. Which would not have been so bad if they started fresh, but they didnt and you can tell from the later parts of FF15 that the game suffers greatly because of it.

PhoenixUp230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

FFXV from its very conception was going to be the complete opposite of FFXIII, hence why it was called Versus XIII.

The "Versus XIII" name comes into play in juxtaposition to Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels that take place in fantastical worlds that are literally and culturally disconnected (Cocoon and Gran Pulse in Final Fantasy XIII; the different eras and timelines in Final Fantasy XIII-2, as well as the normal world and Valhalla; and Nova Chrysalia and the new world in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.). For "Versus XIII" Square wanted the world to be different from the original Final Fantasy XIII by presenting one whole, connected world. This theme has carried over to Final Fantasy XV in the form of a seamless open world.

In further juxtaposition to Final Fantasy XIII and its white overall color scheme, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and thus Final Fantasy XV, have the theme of black, shown in the cast's clothes, the Kingdom of Lucis, and even the name of the original game engine, "Ebony" (the original name for the engine for Final Fantasy XIII was "White Engine"). Lightning herself heavily contrasts with Noctis in personality, goals and the way they interact with the party.

Not to mention that FFXIII have sisters play a huge focus of the narratives while FFXV heavily focuses on brotherhood.

FFXIII was planned to have some form of turn based combat, albeit heavily action focused, while FFXV since its conception was going to be purely action based.

Harkins1721230d ago

VsXIII was suppose to be a 3 part game as well obviously giving us vast more amounts of lore, story and character building.

PhoenixUp230d ago

Square Enix never said it was a 3 part game. Where you getting that info from?

_-EDMIX-_230d ago


For all we know, what people didn't like in XV was likely always going to be in Versus. I remember reading that someone didn't like that it was open world and stated Versus could have been better....

Disregards that Versus was also open world..I think they are just making up a game in their minds and just making it sound as if it was going to be PERFECT. The writer of the game even oked the new story and said the original concept is intact, meaning it was likely always going to have a "Meh" story

shinoff2183230d ago

I am curious I thought ff15 was pretty meh

230d ago
InKnight7s230d ago

I know this first line defenders will always argue the CersusXIII isn't finished bla bla bla like if anyone consider XV is finished product. How about let compare what we got,
1.In VsXIII you could play as your friends but the final version this ability was cut off until all DLCs released (bla bla defenders will say, wasn't ready, so the response should never release without the game changer element).

2. We all saw the amazing fights and locations in city and in castle, tower, building or civil bridge in Versus13, while in final version XV we just fight most of the time besides trees, in ruins and weird forts. and just now after 2 years of released date they annoucing Insomnia ruin whatever with Royal Pack DLC.

3. Luna, Cor, Cid and Areana is so shallow character I wanted to care about them but nah Cindy was much more interfered in the game. The all important Luna was just like premium NPC design.

4. The game barely care about any events in movie and anime, we couldn't know about Nyx friend aside from another DLC that isn't part of the main game and poorely made any difference.

5. Weapons were much more better and the sizes and types were fun but that also neglected in FFXV.

6. HUD in FFversusXIII was amazing with live avatar movement, but FFXV's HUD just plain.

7. MAGIC whaaaaaaaat the hell happen to magic!!! some will say it about reality, yeah like finding magic rocks besides small country sides is realistic in anyway. Versus didn't much show that part but there was MP bar which seems so better than the crap we got in XV.

8. Whatever people say about the so called final version XV(which again ironic because that game isn't complete in anyway even with all these updates, events and DLCs), VersusXIII is big part of it and directly impacted XV and you can sense some L'Cie and Fal'Cie factors with the all ring abilities.

I would prefer XV release just 2 months ago it would be much better result the whole game need more polish and editing. I always loved FFXV and its my only platinium game ever but nah Versus seemed so much cooler.

Lionalliance230d ago

I will go with FFXV, since with Versus XIII they didn't have an idea or finalized story, it was just pure concepts that didn't go anywhere.

TricksterArrow230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Voice of reason. Plus, I'm pretty sure that Square would never decide to trash an epic tale in favor of a meh tale, no matter the changes necessary to fulfill the narrative, only if it was actually... not an epic tale.