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BacklogCritic: "Payday 2 on the Switch suffers from all the existing issues of its PC and console brethren, with a a few more tacked on for good (bad?) measure."

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howiewowwee229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I think this review was 'dull and lifeless'. It's a video game not a separate reality. Robbing banks and killing cops should not be too realistic. The game is a fun,frantic shooter with excellent audio and theme. It is not a perfect game but it does exude the feeling of wanting to accomplish the mission in solo or cooperative modes. I think it is as good or better than previous versions.If one did not like previous versions then this should not be a purchase. I like the fact that the developers are going to support this game with more DLC, upgrades,etc. My only gripe is that the pro controller can only be used in docked mode. But hey Payday 2 can be played handheld and that is very cool for me. Stop looking too deeply into games like this . I do not like prolix reviews like this one.