No More Heroes 2 a darker game than its predecessor

Coming from a press release from Rising Star earlier this morning, the company has revealed a number of new details, including a confirmation that No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle will be a darker game than its predecessor...

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Smacktard3683d ago

Sounds good! I hope they really do fix up Santa Destroy. It was the weakest link in an otherwise strong game. Santa Destroy city was crap.

thesithfreak3683d ago

santa destroy itself was the weak part to no more heroes, everything else was awesome

DanteLinkX3682d ago

the whole city, and just make the game mission based. NMH was an excellent game, one of the best action games this gen, what kept it from being greater was the lame city, a lot of people misinterpreted the game as a GTA game and were left dissapointed, so they have to take out this whole city.

I personally enjoyed going from place to place on the bike, and finding stores and t-shirts and whatnot.

condorstrike3682d ago

see that would make more sense...
the city, just for buying upgrades and getting lap dances would be cool; but the whole "picking up coconuts sH1et really dragged and made the fun turn into a chore.

Captain_Sony3682d ago

I really enjoyed the side missions.. Going to a bar and just sitting there is boring to me. Especially in a game when I am old enough to go to a real one.Maybe I am weird but I only want to do certain things in video games. Going to the club I do in real life, picking up coconuts though? Nah that can be a gaming job. I guess it comes down to how fun it is vs how fun reality is. Picking stuff up in reality is no fun but its fun in the game. Going to the club is way more fun in real life then the game could ever make it be.

Marceles3682d ago

The side missions were fun only the few times I played it. After awhile the job missions really felt like work lol. The game was all about the missions, stylistic and easy-to-pickup gameplay, and storyline dialogue for me though. I could've really done without the bike...I hated driving that thing. The only fun part I had driving the bike was jumping over the barrier one time to get to the next mission.

TheDeadMetalhead3682d ago

The city, I mean. Make it more interactive and interesting. Try to make it feel more alive than the first one. Then it would make a great game even better. ^__^

Captain_Sony3682d ago

My take on the city from the first one was that it was made that way for a reason. You are playing a guy who isnt interested in stealing cars, robbing stores, killing bystanders, or the other BS. because of that you cannot do those things in the game. That's not its focus. I just think that wanted to be the number one assassin and standing in the middle of downtown with a Rocket launcher killing cops have little to do with each other. I do not know about you guys but stealing a car was the last thing on my mind when I played that game.I wanted to see more of the story and get to the next battle. To me when a game has you that interested it doesnt need those other types of distractions and time sinks

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