The Analog Circle Podcast: What Sega IP Should Microsoft Buy?

On this weeks episode Kiaun will be discussing Burnout Paradise getting a remaster,CD Project Red discussing what happened to HDR support on PS4 Pro,More news came out about Yakuza 6 and Mario Odyssey could get future DLC. All these stories and more in this episode.

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FallenAngel1984821d ago

Microsoft needs to manage its internal studios better rather than looking for a new IP to buy

Sciurus_vulgaris821d ago

MS has plenty of their own IPs, they don't need to buy IPs from Sega. A development partnership with Sega is more likely.

darthv72820d ago

Yes, the recent mumblings about Sega and MS might simply be to negotiate some publishing deals for games that were on the og xb. MS needs to get the license in order to make them bc with the xbo and who better to talk to than Sega.

I'm hoping for Otogi and Gun Valkyrie but the atomic bomb would be if Sega allowed for playback of DC games on the xbo (not a chance but still a cool dream)

Sciurus_vulgaris821d ago

I don't take this rumor as being credible, MS already had a development partnership with Sega. Creative Assembly a Sega own studio developed Halo Wars 2 with 343i. I think its more likely that MS is willing to outsource development one of their own IPs to Sega.

goatking820d ago

Aka what ip should microsoft kill.