Hooked on loot boxes

The industry's push for engagement at all costs is ready to backfire as it misunderstands the concern over a controversial mechanic.

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BrianOBlivion326d ago

The ESRB (aka the gaming industry) is being deliberately obtuse with the new box label by lumping loot boxes in with any and every other type of dlc and micro-transaction. Just about every game will now carry the new label because just about every game has extra purchasable content, thereby obfuscating the entire original purpose and point of it.

They think that they can be sly and pull the wool over the eyes of lawmakers by pretending they are addressing the issue while soft-selling the actual problem by saying that "majority of parents don't know what a loot box is".
I guarantee you that every adult, parent and lawmaker knows what the word "gambling" means. No one in the industry wants to call a spade a spade and use the "g" word anywhere because then they would have to admit to the true nature of greedy mechanic at work in loot boxes.
It's actually pretty disgusting to see publishers pretending that they're NOT trying to turn the percentage of young people who are naturally inclined to gambling vulnerability into "white whales". It reminds me of that line up of tobacco industry corporate ceo creeps lying to congress about the addictiveness of cigarettes.

By trying to be sneaky and making such an obviously pretend show of self-regulation, publishers are just insulting everyone involved, including lawmakers who will be forced to rightfully impose proper legal regulations.

If you want to profiteer from games of chance -go run a casino and stop poisoning the video game industry.