Political attacks on gaming a deflection of bigger issues

The Blade's Will Harrison: Deflection from the real issues at hand is nothing new when it comes to mass shootings, but I still find it tiring. Continually, the hobby and entertainment medium I love is trotted out by scared politicians and lobbyist groups as nothing more than the equivalent of a Sears family photographer telling an unhappy toddler to “smile and look over here at the birdie.”

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FTANK236d ago

to blame only games is asinine but a cultural impact is undeniable. There's a reason why Marxist implement a mission-creep of generational degeneracy in everything from art to religion to academia: because it works.
But with that out of the way, you can't say how kids are brought up is as bad...schools become surrogate for parents- in fact the state tries to mandate it, and the level of activism replacing civics as the guiding light won't help. The drugs handed out like candy treats become surrogates for genuine discipline that the parents and schools should be giving. The media as a whole has made it completely acceptable to act like a completely broken down basket case as long as it's in the name of being "woke" and "resisting" to anything but them...even to the point of making violence completely acceptable through faux-victimhood in an act of grotesque irony.
If the narrative for this latest shooting is true in who did the shooting, it's very clear this kid should have been stripped of all of those things: Out of public school until given the clear from therapists, social workers, psychiatrists who give a damn rather than lazily giving him meds instead trying to fix him. He should have had monitored access to entertainment mediums that ended up replacing probably ALL his social interactions, and more than you'll feel like reading me going on about.
Neither of these things alone are dangerous and all of these things can still be enjoyed by people that have certain degrees of mental illness so blaming games is just as bad as blaming guns and absolutely wrong to blame the grand majority of people responsible with any of those mediums because of the crimes of one. Automatic weapons were actually accessible to people and KIDS used to actually be able to participate in shooting sports at school, even bringing their own firearms with them but we didn't see the media spectacles we witness today so ask yourselves what changed since then? And 1 of those huge culprits that is present in practically every case that wasn't theocratic and fundamentalist at it's core, and ironically guilty of exponentially more deaths in this country than firearms is the pharmaceutical industry that subsidizes the "news" we hear while lobbying and greasing palms of SO MANY MORE politicians than the "NRA" whipping boy

BrianOBlivion233d ago

"...with that out of the way..."
No, it's not out of the way. You've had waaay too much of that american anti-communist propaganda kool-aid.
The nefarious organization you're thinking of is Spectre, not Marxism.