Final Fantasy XV - Xbox One X versus PS4Pro versus PC Comparison Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Earlier today we shared some comparison screenshots between the PS4 and the PC versions of Final Fantasy XV. And it’s time now to compare the recently released PC demo to the Xbox One X and the PS4Pro versions."

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kalimoro229d ago

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KH3UltimateFan229d ago

PC version seems to be great but requires a beefy hardware to take advantage.

BassMan125229d ago

Have you test the demo yourself?

Because I'm running the game on i5 6400, 1060, on 1080p high settings, NVIDIA gameworks off, 4k textures on, stable 55-60 fps. Sometimes drops to around 40 at combat, but no big deal. Way lot better fps than any Xbox mode.

snake-OO229d ago

It does if you wanna play in 4K