Stop worrying about Nintendo Switch storage with $22 off this 200GB MicroSD card

Get a nice saving on a big boost to your Switch's storage capacity.

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PhoenixUp229d ago

Only Nintendo could make 200GB look like a big deal in 2018 for a console

TekoIie228d ago

Storage, in general, feels backwards on consoles at the moment.

I was barely managing with 2TB on my PC so no idea how some manage with 500gb-1TB.

Concertoine228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Well the upside is you dont have to install games on Switch since they come on carttridges. The only space that'll take up the memory is updates, downloaded games, and occasional cases where games require a download.

I guess my buying patterns are pretty tailored to this setup (which i prefer to having a big console with a hard drive tethered to it as is the case with my Xbone),I have a 200GB card myself and 6-7 online games as well as updates/dllc for 8 physical games and i still have 160 GB's left.

What i mean to say is, for the average switch owner 200 GB is probably more than enough, and goes a lot longer than 200GB on a Xbone/PS4. For those that prefer to download games storage will no doubt be a problem though.

3-4-5228d ago

It's a micro SD card.

Are you serious?

Compare the size of the HD in a PS4 to an SD card.

It's actually kind of impressive......but ok. nice try troll

blawren4228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

It's really more than enough for the average user. To disagree is simply not facing facts. It was true with the Wii U and it is true now. We are dealing with micro sd cards and portability. What are you expecting, exactly? A 1tb external hd that only connects when the system is docked. What is the point of that?

on 2nd thought, I'll take your statement as a compliment to the Switch and Nintendo. Only they could make 200 GB work as well as it does.

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Mr Marvel229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Great, so I can fit every shitty Indy game on it because let's face it, we aren't getting any decent new AAA games on Switch so far in 2018. Nintendo need to start announcing some games to remind us why we bought the system.
I haven't even touched my Switch since I finished Odyssey last November, but I guess I'll just keep waiting and dust it off again when Animal Crossing or Fire Emblem release.
In the meantime I have a HUGE backlog of quality AAA games to play on my PS4 anyway.

Gemmol229d ago

I do not understand your post, it's like you think the switch bee out for years, did you forget Sony 1st and 2nd year for the ps4 ?????

There is nothing wrong if you have a backlog for your ps4 it came out a long time ago, now if you did not then you did not use your ps4 to its full value

I have switch and I'm playing monster hunter on ps4, nothing wrong switching between systems especially if you have a back log

Just man

MrSwankSinatra229d ago

Then go play your backlog instead whining and complaining about you not having games to play on the switch.

TallonIV229d ago

Switch has only been out 1 year... calm yourself.